Gaya Airport

    Located at a distance of 5 km from the city, this airport is also known as the Bodhgaya Airport, given that Lord Buddha attained enlightenment in this very city of Bihar. The second busiest airport in the state, next only to Patna, this airport witnesses heavy traffic due to a large number of devotes flying in and out of Gaya throughout the year.

    The airport houses an integrated terminal, which serves both, domestic as well as international passengers. With a capacity to handle 250 passengers for arrivals and the same number of departures at any given time, the terminal is equipped with 5 check-in counters, 12 immigration counters and as many as 5 customs counters.

    While the airport avails direct flights to Delhi and Varanasi, it offers indirect flight services to some of the major cities across India. In addition, it is also connected to numerous international destinations such as Kathmandu, Colombo, Bangkok and Paro amongst others.

    Gaya airport address

    GAYA International Airport, Gaya, Bihar 823004

    Phone : 0631 221 0129


    Top airlines

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    Top domestic flight routes

    New Delhi to Mumbai | New Delhi to Chennai | New Delhi to Bangalore | New Delhi to Goa | New Delhi to Hyderabad

    Top international flight routes

    New Delhi to Dubai | New Delhi to Singapore | New Delhi to London | New Delhi to Colombo

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