10 Facts About The Dubai Mall

10 Facts About The Dubai Mall That Are Hard To Believe

July 25, 2016
Dubai's a pretty powerful place.

The sheer magnificence of The Dubai Mall shocked shoppers worldwide when it opened its doors to the public on November 04, 2008. Even after years of it being opened up to the general public, first-time visitors to the Dubai Mall are amazed at every step. The 80 foot Dino that roars silently into the awed faces of visitors and shoppers is a still-standing example of how Dubai has managed to change the way the world shops. Why have only a mall when you can have so much more?

These 10 facts about the Dubai Mall are something that will make you want to apply for a Dubai Visa within minutes of reading this.

10. The Reel Cinemas of Dubai Mall are among the largest cinemas in the world

The Reel Cinemas of Dubai Mall

The flagship 22-screen Reel Cinemas at The Dubai Mall offers a movie screening experience that is so surreal that you may want to pinch yourself. With a concierge service to maximize all your in-house viewing at the Reel Cinemas, this movie-watching experience is something you will never forget.

9. The Dubai Mall is the largest mall in the world with a total area of 1,124,000 m2

Yep. That number will make you revisit your school textbook and count the above number starting from units, tens, hundreds...

8. The Dubai Mall Aquarium is credited to be the world’s biggest indoor aquarium

The Dubai Mall Aquarium

Dubai doesn’t only stop at making the best, in fact, it betters its best!

7. Candylicious, the largest sweet shop is inside Dubai Mall


For all the sweet lovers and candy crushers, this is almost like all your sugar-loaded dreams come true!

6.The total gross leasable area is about 3.8 million sq ft. Around the same as 50 football fields

Total gross leasable area

5. The Dubai Mall consists of 1200 shops

Now that’s a lot of areas to be covered! Even if you try to visit half of the shops, you may not have enough time on your hands for anything else.

4. The Dubai Mall is equipped with a parking facility to park 14,000 cars

We’ve all been through the trauma of not having places to park in crowded areas like fairs, malls, exhibitions, etc. When you’re in Dubai, hospitality comes first, and lo and behold- all your parking hassles are taken care of!

3. Dubai Mall gets around 75 million visitors every year!

2.The aquarium acrylic panel holds the Guinness world record for the largest of its kind, weighing more than 2,45,000 kgs.

The aquarium acrylic panel holds the Guinness world

Apart from being the most visited shopping and leisure destination, The Dubai Mall attracts awards for the ‘best shopping experience’ by a popular magazine and many such accolades and recognitions from the world over.

1. It's not only a mall. It's a glorious flag bearer of glamour.

It houses within itself a 250-room luxury hotel, SEGA indoor theme park, Olympic-sized Ice Rink, and over 120 restaurants.

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