10 ways to cheat the heat and travel cool on your summer holidays

10 ways to cheat the heat and travel cool on your summer holidays

Winnie Karnik, April 30, 2015
What time is it? Summer holiday time!
10 ways to cheat the heat and travel cool on your summer holidays

Combating heat while travelling is very important. Heat precipitates headaches, migraines and dehydration making you feel weak and unconscious. It also causes skin problems like sunburns, skin tanning, heat boils and rashes. But most of all, it causes an unsettling discomfort while you are travelling.

Whether you are planning a summer holiday or travelling in the sun for a short while, buying a flight ticket and stepping out of your air-conditioned zone may be as dreadful as catching a running train. Before you embark on your holiday, it is recommended that you stay prepared.

Here are some tips to cheat the heat and maintain your cool even while the sun shines.

1. Always carry water with you

Many of us don’t have the habit of carrying a bottle of water while travelling. You should re-look at this habit and carry water more than you usually drink.

2. Carry electrolytes and oral rehydration solution

Water is very much essential, but it is equally important to have a packet of either electrolytes or oral rehydration solution twice a day if you sweat a lot. The reason is very straightforward. You lose a lot of electrolytes and minerals out of perspiration. You may also mix it with coconut water, khus sharbat or nimbu paani (lemonade). This will replenish the minerals lost due to excessive sweating.

3. Know what to eat and what to avoid

When the temperatures are soaring outside, it is better to have light food. Avoid spicy and oily stuff. Oily foods reduce the percentage of naturally present water in your body. So, junks are a complete no-no. Eat healthy food that will help you increase your immunity. Have more succulent veggies that rehydrate - bottle gourd, turai, pumpkin, lotus stem and the like.

4. Eat loads of fruits

Fruits contain 80-90% water, natural sugar and essential vitamins. Watermelons, tomatoes, oranges, fresh apricots, peaches, plums and pineapples are great summer choices.

5. Avoid alcohol

As tempting as it might be, if you know that you are going to be travelling in the sun, then alcohol is best avoided. Consumption of alcohol drops down your hydration levels.

6. Step out early or after sunset

This may not be possible to do every time. However, avoid the scorching heat and charter out plans to fit in either early morning or post-sunset excursions.

7. Wear light, comfortable and cotton clothes

Cotton allows better air circulation and aids in absorbing sweat. Light and loose cotton clothes pass light through it and hence you feel less heat.

8. Cover yourself up

Cover your head with a cap, hat or sombrero. Wear a sunblock, to not only avoid the skin tan, but also other skin diseases caused by the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

9. Carry insulated bags for food

The sweltering heat is not only bad for the skin but also spoils the food. Insulated bags will prevent them from getting perished.

10. Summer first aid

First of all, make sure that your first aid kit is insulated and waterproof. Carry wet tissues to wipe off your sweat. Aloe Vera gel is excellent for sunburns. Instant ice packs work well for soothing your body heat as well as for inflammation. Other items that should always be a part of your first aid kit are sanitiser, bandages, cotton, gloves, tweezers, thermometer, personal medication, antiseptic & antibiotic creams and medicines.