13 cities where the Devil can wear Prada

13 cities where the Devil can wear Prada

Sanjana Sule, April 29, 2015
I like this one. It suit(case)s me.

Whether you’re a casual dresser who likes to simply throw on jeans and a tee, or someone who likes to follow the latest trends, it is all a result of fashion. The fashion world has important destinations where they convene and set the rules, which we inevitably end up following, either knowingly or unknowingly. So popular are these places, that they have given rise to a new type of tourism, namely ‘Fashion Tourism’. Fashion tourism has seen many people book their flight tickets and flock to these destinations.

13. Shanghai


Shanghai is often labelled as the ‘“Paris of the East.’” The 1949 Communist Revolution played a party pooper on the fashion world, but since then the industry has been reviving itself, and judging by its label, its doing quite well. With a mixture of western and traditional designs, Shanghai’s fashion is often wacky and controversial.

12. Bali


This exotic tourist destination is also an important emerging fashion destination. The unique Balinese style is mixed with modern trends, perfect for those with exotic fashion tastes. With emerging fashion shops, Bali is soon becoming a go- to shopping destination. Perfect for shopaholics!

11. São Paulo

São Paulo

São Paulo in Brazil, is setting the fashion industry ablaze. It’s bringing the essence of Brazil on the ramp with its bold prints in warm colours and complementary cool breezy prints. Even the streets of São Paulo are laden with exotic trends, bordering on bohemian style.

10. Barcelona


An avid shopper from the retail store Zara? Then you already have Spanish fashion in your closet. Big Spanish fashion names like Mango, Antonio Mirò and Ágatha Ruiz dela Prada are making a splash in the fashion world. With the emergence of various fashion clusters and markets, it’s becoming a shopaholic’s paradise.

9. Amsterdam


Amsterdam has often curated a lot of art and culture in the past and is now doing the same thing with fashion. A lot of budding fashion talents find home here bringing edgy and trendy trends. Amsterdam’s Museum of Bags and Purses is a testament of their earnestness towards fashion. Think boho-chic, when you think Amsterdam.

8. Berlin


Berlin, with its own fashion week and many retail brands, is an emerging name in the fashion and shopping industry. It’s open atmosphere allows experimentation. Thus, you can see a lot of avant-garde fashion style emerging here. If modern, edgy and ecstatic is your taste, then Berlin is your place.

7. Tokyo


I wonder if you know, how they live in Tokyo? If you don’t, then the answer is eccentrically and avant-garde. A lot of the latest trends, cultures and subcultures are often blended together to form the Tokyo fashion. Bright dazzling colours and prints you never thought would go together, work on the streets of Tokyo.

6. Rome


Rome every year attracts a lot of fashion lovers. Their biannual prêt-a-porter (ready-to-wear) runway shows are famous. Sophisticated, chic and haute couture, that’s what comes to mind when you think of Rome. If you happen to visit Rome, shop at the local boutiques, so you’ll blend in with their street fashion.

5. Los Angeles

Los Angeles

With a lot of popular movie stars and Hollywood itself residing in Los Angeles, it goes without saying that you find the latest fashion trends here. Recall any big retail brands and Los Angeles usually has it. Fashion bigwigs like John Galliano are often seen strolling through the streets of LA.

4. Milan


Many important names in fashion like Roberto Cavalli, Donatella Versace, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabana, Giorgio Armani are all from Milan. Need we say more? The place that was home to these bigwigs, is also home to the latest fashion trends. Fashion forward is synonymous with Milan.

3. London


London has always been a fashion capital, in the olden days it was the royalty, these days fashion has hit the streets. Bond Street and Oxford Street are popular shopping streets. London fashion is very chic and mod, but punk and bold patterns also find their way in. Heard of Burberry and Alexander McQueen? They are British.

2. New York

New York

This concrete jungle was the first to gain access to ready-to-wear fashion. They were the first fashion capital to host the fashion week. Becoming the garment district during the World War II put them on the fashion maps, and they haven’t looked back since. Fashion = New York.

1. Paris


Paris is often looked on as the place where it all began. Paris fashion week attracts a lot of the big names from the fashion industry from all over the world. Couture, chic, boho, you find it all here. Art, culture, literature, fashion, Paris is truly a treasure trove for fashionistas.