6 Most expensive travel destinations you may not be able to afford

6 Most expensive travel destinations you may not be able to afford

Sanjana Sule, September 19, 2016
"Not all who wander are lost."

Traveling all over the world can put a dent in your pocket. Some places more than others. Today’s list is of the latter category. These places might be slightly harder to tick off your bucket list, due to their soaring prices.

The figures shown are based on research conducted, which takes into account the approx cost of a first-class hotel for 2 people, two restaurant dinners, taxi rides, public transport tickets, and some other facilities.

Keep in mind, these numbers factor in the bare minimum needs and DO NOT include flight tickets or visas.

1. Zurich

Approx cost - INR 70,300


We Indians aren’t strangers to Switzerland, what with Bollywood movies have made them so popular. With a multicultural flair, this city lies at the heart of Switzerland. No doubt it’s one of the most beautiful and serene places to visit, but it also happens to be pretty expensive. Simple things such as a cup of coffee at a cafe can put a dent in your pocket.

2. New York

Approx cost - INR 68,900

New York

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the big apple features in this list. If you factor in a US visa and the cost of flight tickets, New York might probably jump to the top of the list. Nonetheless, this metropolitan city is one everyone should visit at least once in their lifetime. Especially to see the ball dropping at Times Square on New Year.

3. Tokyo

Approx cost - INR 66,900


The capital of Japan, if an ultramodern city is what you’re after, then Tokyo is the place for you. This bustling, fast-paced city is like a dream that goes by in a blur. If you do manage to go there, Tokyo is nothing like you’ve ever seen before.

4. Oslo

Approx cost - INR 65,600


The capital of Norway, it also happens to be its most populous city. Often described as architectural innovation, beauty is synonymous with Oslo. World-class museums, art galleries, culture are given a lot of prominence in Oslo.

5. Paris

Approx cost - INR 59,500


The city of dreams, the city of hope, but above all the city of love. It’s one of those cities that you fall in love with, from the moment you set foot in it. Not just beauty, but a lot of cultures, history art, and talent can be found in almost every corner of Paris.

6. Helsinki

Approx cost - INR 53,500


It’s quite possible you haven’t heard much about Helsinki, Finland’s southern capital. That could be because not a lot of people go to Finland on vacation and one of the reasons for it could be the high prices. But if you do have the resources, we suggest you do give Finland a chance. It’s a nice quaint little country.

Prices making you feel disheartened? Don’t be. That’s where travel companies and holiday packages come in. They make all these places slightly more affordable.

"Disclaimer - Prices are based on research conducted and not our own. Prices are subject to change at a given point in time. These are all just approximate figures and not binding."

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