7 Reasons you need to go on a Solo Vacation

7 Reasons you need to go on a Solo Vacation

Sanjana Sule, August 11, 2015
Embrace the beauty of your solo journey
Solo travel

Freedom can mean a lot of different things to different people. For our country, freedom means the independence we got from the British rule, a feat that we commemorate every year on 15th August. So what does freedom really mean? For some, it’s freedom from the shackles of oppression, for some, freedom to be themselves. For some, freedom also means solo travelling. The sense of freedom that accompanies solo travel is matched by none other. You aren’t bound by anything and find yourself free to follow the call of your heart. Take it from someone who’s travelled solo, the experiences that you encounter alone on the road, are enough to fill up your memories for a lifetime. So listen to your inner voice, pack your bags, book your flight tickets and set off.

1. Freedom

Nothing screams freedom like being alone on the go. You are bound by nothing and no one. You can do as you please and more importantly when you please. You can do whatever you want to; even if that means having breakfast for dinner or skipping meals, or just wandering all night and sleeping during the day. When you aren’t bound by responsibilities, even small things give you immense pleasure.

2. Flexible travel

Going on a holiday in a large group can be troublesome. It involves trying to match everyone's free dates, preferences, budgets and interests, in short, not an easy task. But when you’re alone you don’t have to worry about all these things. You can change your itinerary on a whim without having to worry about upsetting someone. If you decide to wing it and follow the road without a set plan, finding accommodations for one person is far easier than for a big group.

3. Your bucket list

Ever had that one item on your bucket list that you’ve always wanted to try out but couldn’t find anyone willing or brave enough to try it out with you? Well, then stop waiting. This is your life, you have the freedom to choose what to do with it and how to live it. You don’t really need someone to accompany you. You’re strong enough to do this on your own. Time isn’t waiting for anyone and neither should you. It’s your dream, go live it.

4. Make new friends

Humans are social animals, which means that it isn’t really possible for us to be isolated for long periods of time. Travelling alone doesn’t mean you spend your time just wandering and not talking to people. On the contrary, it gives you an opportunity to make new friends. While on a solo journey you might come across kindred souls. People who might become temporary companions or lifelong friends. An answer you’ll figure out only when you set off on a journey of your own.

5. Your perception of the world changes

As kids, we grow up hearing stories about the big bad scary world, filled with people waiting to deceive and rob us. But that’s just the stuff stories are made up of. The reality is very different as it generally is. You’ll be surprised to learn that the world is actually a kind place. Not everyone is out to get you. Yes there might be the occasional pickpocket and deceiver, but mostly the people are helpful and nice; and no matter what anyone says, humanity is still alive.

6. Leaving your comfort zone

The concept of travelling alone is often romanticised. It isn’t always hunky-dory and a bed of roses. You’re bound to encounter obstacles and problems, and with no one else to turn to, you’re left alone to tackle them head-on. But being out of your comfort zone can be good for you. It increases your strength, helps build character; and most of all gives you a good story to regale later.

7. Get closer to yourself

A solo journey is as much inwards as it is outwards. It has the potential to be introspective and life-altering. It isn’t often that you get time to spend with yourself, and a solo trip gives you that much needed ‘me time. Spending time alone will help you figure out a lot about yourself. For all you know your perception of yourself might change all together. If you are someone for whom sitting alone at a dinner table is uncomfortable, setting off alone might seem scary at first, but in the end, it’s nothing but liberating.