7 Travel Hacks To Be Your Kids’ Superhero

7 Travel Hacks To Be Your Kids’ Superhero

Winnie Karnik, May 30, 2015
Some superheroes dont have capes, they are called parents.
7 Travel Hacks To Be Your Kids’ Superhero

Travelling with your kids can be a hassle, especially when your kids are just growing and lack of attention for even a short span can make them cranky. However, if you plan your vacation smartly, then travelling with kids can be more than fun.

Today, we reveal 7 secrets to you that’ll make you a total travel ninja. You will be your kids’ superheroes and he/she will love to travel with you.

1. Involve kids in the planning process

This way, not only are their interest levels stimulated but also so they feel important. Talking about the trip all the time keeps them excited and gives them a reason to travel.

2. Prepare your kids for the journey in advance

Preparing yourself and the tiny-tot is equally important. Pack snacks and music files of their choice. If you know your child is likely to be sleepy on a journey, make sure you get him/her the necessary accessories. If you have a cry-baby, try keeping them engaged with their favourite activity.

3. Do not choose long and bumpy rides

Whom are we kidding? Kids cannot take long and bumpy rides. It would be a wise idea to avoid such rides. Just because you as a parent want to go on an adventure trip, doesn’t mean that you take your kids along. You might have to reserve that ‘must-do trip of yours for some other time. After all, sacrifice is a part of being a superhero.

4. Keep your kids engaged when you get there

If you have planned a destination, which is more suited for adults, then you might have to re-look at other options. Choosing a destination like Singapore will be always wiser than choosing a destination like Oman. There are lots of activities in Singapore for your kids than there are in Oman. Our Singapore tour packages will give you 8 innovative options to enjoy with your kids.

5. Find company for your kids

If your toddler finds some other kid to play around with, he will always be happy and look forward to the vacation. This will also give you an option to spend some alone time with your better half.

6. Know your kids’ preferences

It is very important that you know what the little one prefers. Some kids love amusement parks, while others are scared of getting on rides. Knowing which journey suits your kids is equally important. If your kid is susceptible to car sickness, then road trips are a big no. However, you may tackle that with some medicines. In the end, how you deal with it matters.

7. Edutainment is a great option

Many destinations in India and around the world offer entertainment by providing a lot of information. This way, your kid will enjoy the process of learning and even enjoy the trips.

Remember, travelling is the best way your kid can learn about life. It will get difficult at times, but it will all be worth it. Once a year, go somewhere you’ve never been and involve your kids in the experience as well.