8 Types of People you meet while Travelling

8 Types of People you meet while Travelling

August 1, 2015
One great thing about travel is that you find out how many amazing people are out there.

Travelling is a journey. It takes you to new places, brings you new adventures, and also introduces you to new people. Even if only for a short time, you form a special bond with the people you encounter while travelling. After all, you’re all on the same boat; and for those brief moments, you become friends. So here is a list of some of the different types of people you come across when you set off on a journey. Some normal, some eccentric, but each unique, they make your vacation that much more fun. So book your flight tickets and set off on your journey to make new friends. As the saying goes, “Har ek friend zaroori hota hai.”

Warning: Heavy usage of stereotypes beyond this point.

1. The Hippie


Usually with long dread locks and funky clothes, they can be spotted roaming with their backpacks and their pet guitar. Not caring much for the rules of the world, they follow their heart while travelling. They’ll go where ever the road leads them without needing a real destination. They’ll just plop by the road, strum their guitars and hum out some tunes.

2. The Entrepreneur


This one is because of the new and emerging social trends. Generally of the blogger variety, their interests lie in the range of food, travel, fashion, photo etc. They’re here for some authentic content for their next blog. Either at their own expense or sponsored by the ones they are blogging for. Freelance writers and photographers also fall in this category.

3. The Selfie addict

Selfie addict

The name tag is kind of self explanatory. Armed with their latest cellphones, no place they visit is complete without first taking a selfie. Pouting, posing, creative captions with hashtags, they go the whole nine yards. Just one selfie is never enough, at least 4-5 snaps need to be clicked before they can move on to the next spot.

4. The Culture Vulture

Culture Vulture

This traveller or travellers like to immerse themselves in the culture of the place they are visiting. Usual tourist spots aren’t for them. They prefer more of the local stuff. You’ll find them interacting with the locals and hanging out at the best local restaurants and cafes. They love to partake in the traditions and culture of the place so don’t be surprised if you find them dressed in local attire after a few days.

5. The Newbie


It’s their first foray into the world of travel. Here you can find two kinds. One type is hyper and super excited to be on vacation. They’ve done their research of the place and come armed with to-do lists and travel tips. The other is the disinterested kind. They’ve been dragged along on the trip, mostly by their family. They’d rather be some place else and spend most of their time with heads bent, on their smart phones or tablets with headphones plugged in.

6. The Nomad


They're seen with huge backpacks which holds their entire world. The nomad traveller has spent a lot of time away from home, and has a slightly dishevelled look with an overgrown beard and unruly hair. They’ve probably come from some exotic destination before this and plan on continuing forward. They keep hopping from destination to destination with no fixed roots. They aren’t much bothered by travel plans or air ticket bookings. Nomads make for the best storytellers, their journey having left them with many adventures.

7. The Couple


There are two types of couples you come across. The love birds, for whom their world consists of just them. They’re always together and in sync each step of the way. Adorable at first, but spend too much time with them and they will get on your nerves. The other are the fighters, who you’ll find disagreeing and fighting most of the time. Sometimes quietly but sometimes at the top of their voice. The fighting might leave them grumpy or make them want to crib to anyone who lends a ear. Small doses is the best way to deal with these couples.

8. The ‘finding myself’ kind

The ‘finding myself’ kind

This one has watched one too many movies of the ‘Eat Pray Love’ genre and has set off on a similar journey of their own. They visit each destination with a doe-eyed freshness and manage to find something inspiring in it. In their quest to discover themselves they are open to trying and experiencing everything, which means you can find a partner in crime in them.