Avoid the flight cancellation trauma

Avoid the flight cancellation trauma

December 17, 2014
Avoid the flight cancellation trauma

Considering the constant media coverage about SpiceJet Airlines cancelling their flights and passengers being stranded at the airport; many travellers are now worried about their travel plans while holding a confirmed SpiceJet flight tickets. Well, let’s accept this first: The airline is indeed a reputed one in the Indian aviation industry and has been serving the travellers since almost a decade now. Thus, due to this trust level, travellers are booking with SpiceJet. Unfortunately the airline is going through some turbulent times and passengers are facing lot of inconvenience.

To avoid last minute hassle in such situations, below are the things you should remember or follow before or while making a flight booking in future:

Before booking a flight

1. Book a refundable ticket

To boost festive season bookings, most of the airlines around the world offer attractive discounts on flight tickets for passengers booking way in advance. Example: Major Indian carriers were offering heavy discounts on December flights during the month of September and October. However, before making a booking, always check if these fares are refundable or non-refundable. Flight deals booked under heavy discounts are mostly non-refundable. Always go for refundable fares to avoid any trouble or hassle during travel.

2. Always read the terms & conditions on special fares

Be it the airline or the travel agent, we strongly recommend that all the passengers should read the terms and conditions before booking a flight under special fare or discounted fare. In most cases, there are stringent rules which might create a problem during your travel. Moreover, it is always good to go through the general terms and conditions (we know it’s a long long list!) but this way you will become a well-informed passenger and will be aware of services you are entitled to.

After booking a flight

1. Reconfirm your flight schedule at least 6-8 hours before your scheduled flight departure

It is always good to be prepared! Always call your respective airline before leaving home or at least 6 to 8 hours prior to your scheduled flight departure. This way, if the flight is preponed or postponed, you will be in the state to catch your flight on time.

2. During flight cancellation, have a backup plan

Did you know that in case where the airline cancels the flight, the passenger is eligible for a full refund? This is one of the reason why we recommend you to read the terms and conditions. During such cases, if you are already at the airport, check with the airline staff for other options. You can also call your travel agent and check for the next flight to your desired destination operated by another airline.

3. Know the refund process

While booking the flight, most of the airlines and online travel companies have clear rules and terms related to refund process mentioned on their website. If the passenger cancels the flight, they have to pay the additional charges. However, the airline will refund the full amount if the flight is cancelled by the airline for certain reasons. Please note that the travel agent really can’t refund the flight ticket cost until and unless it is processed and approved by the airline first.