Dubai And Its Mood Swings!

Dubai And Its Mood Swings!

Leeba Thomas, December 2, 2015
"A Good Day Denies Any Bad Weather."

Everyone talks of Dubai, its grandeur, and its hospitality. Dubai is undoubtedly a paradise, where culture meets extravagance. The place that was once a desert has today utilized this desert and turned into an epitome of luxury and architectural wonder. Dubai is a mini world in itself, if at any point you feel lazy to go around the globe, just drop in at Dubai and the world will smile back at you. This city has created a world beyond its natural pattern. There is Ski Dubai for the times you get bored of the sand, and there are artificial islands, just in case you felt the need to be on an island, Dubai takes care of it all. What are you waiting for? Book your air ticket, get your Dubai Visa and take off to Dubai.

Having said all of that, Dubai, the queen of glory, does have its natural weather pattern. While there are times when Dubai is cool and calm, there are also times when it’s a little hot-headed. Well, keeping up with its mood swings throughout the year, there are times when Dubai weeps as well, whether in joy or in sorrow, none can tell. The weather conditions of any place do impact the lives of people. There are certain people who choose a particular place on the basis of the climatic conditions prevalent there. Hence it becomes extremely necessary for one to understand the weather pattern of Dubai to make plans according.

Dubai has a tropical desert climate because of its location within the Northern desert belt. The summers here are extremely hot and humid with an average temperature of about 41 degrees Celcius, and overnight it cools down a little to 30 degrees Celcius. The winters here are not very cold. They are short as well. The temperature in winters is usually around 23 degrees Celcius in the day and cools down to 14 degrees Celcius at night. The rains are for shorter periods and irregular. The rainfall received is 150 mm. It usually rains from December to March in Dubai, and this time is known as the best time to visit Dubai. August is considered the hottest month in Dubai with an average temperature of about 36 degrees Celcius, and January is considered the coolest month in Dubai with an average temperature of about 19 degrees Celcius. The wettest month in Dubai is February with an average rainfall of about 40 mm.

Although Dubai has its kind of weather, it won’t disappoint you at any point. It shall welcome with open arms. When the weather takes a toll on you, just take refuge in the comfort of the luxuries it has for you, with innumerable options making you tired of choosing. While Dubai keeps up with its annual mood swings, you enjoy in its paradise, being completely carefree. Remember, Dubai, is a wonderland.

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