How To Get A Bahrain Tourist Visa

How To Get A Bahrain Tourist Visa

Roshal Mascarenhas, October 6, 2015
Steps To Get A Bahrain Tourist Visa

Bahrain, a dream destination of many, can leave the traveler within you feel shackled when it comes to obtaining a Visa. The tediousness of it all leaves the toughest travelers wiping their brow when they are on the look out for a speedy and smooth visa process. Often it means scouting for a travel agent and submitting numerous documents, which makes you undertake multiple trips to the travel agents office!

Well, obtaining a Bahrain Visa means undergoing just 3 simple steps, and having a travel guide to take care of all your queries. Travelling to Bahrain now is a dream come true!

All you need is : To submit a few documents, make an online payment and voilĂ ! Your Visa to Bahrain will be delivered to you!

When we are here to help you with your travel queries and guide you to your dream destination, you can tick off the destinations on your travel list easily.

To obtain a Bahrain visa, here are the documents you are required to submit:

  1. Your Visa application form,duly filled in. Please fill in the right information and double check your filled in answers.

  2. Scanned copy of your passport. All you need to submit, is the front and back copy

  3. Your return confirmed air ticket

  4. Certificate of current employment is required if the applicant is employed in a firm. If the applicant is self employed or is a business professional, he/she has to furnish ownership documents.

  5. In order to guarantee financial stability, the applicant needs to submit his/her bank statement (should be having bank balance of 2 Lacs)

  6. Additional documents as asked by the Bahrain Immigration.

Some points that you may find handy:

  1. All minors (under the age of 8) must be accompanied by parents.

  2. The applicant must apply for the necessary visa. Apart from the purpose of visit, it is advised that he/she must not engage in any kind of activity, for eg: visit Bahrain for the sake of finding employment.

When you choose us to obtain your Bahrain visa, all it takes is a processing time of 7 days, and smooth customer service. We offer you the best of travel advice and hassle free visa processing, while you Go Ghoomne.