How to plan your Dubai holiday

How to plan your Dubai holiday

December 1, 2015
How to plan your Dubai holiday

Now that you’ve zeroed down on Dubai, let us make it a little easy for you by helping you plan your Dubai holiday. Dubai may just be one of the emirates, but it is replete with choices for any sort of traveller that you are.

1. Research, research and research

The first step to planning your Dubai holiday is researching. Your preliminary search results will give you the obvious choices, but once you dig deeper, you’ll come across offbeat and interesting experiences. Make sure that your research includes everything that you might ever need on your trip - flight tickets, hotels, Dubai visa, attractions and internal transport.

2. Keep a budget in mind

Always keep a minimum and a maximum budget in mind while you are planning your trip. Keeping a range in mind will help you plan your trip under budget and help you prioritise your choices likewise. This way, you won't under plan or over plan.

3. Find out what on your itinerary requires pre-booking and/or permits

There are certain places in the UAE that are free of cost, but still, you need a pre-booking voucher from them. This is generally done to control the influx of tourists. Another thing to note is that some places require a permit, for example, you are going on a day’s trip to Musandam in Oman, you don’t require a visa. However, you do require a permit to enter the territory. (Indians can’t access all the regions in Oman without a valid visa.)

4. When you plan to go to a certain place, consider the travelling cost along with the entrance fees

We often tend to omit the to and fro cost incurred while travelling and the entrance fee attached to it. This can change your budget easily by Rs. 5,000.

5. Look for an all-inclusive package as per your itinerary

This will not only save you a lot of time, but also a lot of trouble. Have a thorough look at the inclusions and exclusions. Make sure that your package includes internal transfers, meals and entrance fees.

6. Apply for a suitable visa and apply well in advance

For Indian passport holders, Dubai offers a few types of visas. Depending on your purpose and duration of visit, your visa will be applied for. Please bear in mind that at least 5 working days are required to process the visa.

7. Don’t forget Ok to Board

Ok to Board is an airline requirement that simply states that it is indeed okay for the passenger to board the flight. You will get your Ok to Board from your visa agent. Some airlines like Jet Airways, Emirates don’t require that. Get it confirmed by your visa agent.

8. Carry foreign exchange from your resident country

It is always better to carry AED converted from your resident country so that the risk of currency rate fluctuation is mitigated. Find out whether your card is internationally accepted or not so that you have the freedom of liquidity.

9. Bear in mind the currency rate

Many times 1 AED seems less, but when converted to INR you are spending a lot more. We often tend to forget these differences. Believe me, this is one of the most common complaints of visitors there.

10. Prepare yourself for the weather

Dubai is generally popular for being a hot country. Yet, the cold winters in Dubai might surprise you. You’ll need to pack for the hot and cold weather both. Sunscreens, glares, headgear and a jacket are essential.

11. Buy a travel insurance

Weigh the mishaps of travel versus the cost of travel insurance. Well, you’ll get a whole lot of benefit when you have insurance, in case any uncalled for situation arises.

12. You might want to practise some walking

Everything in Dubai is mighty, even the walks from the metro to the larger-than-life sprawling malls. So getting in shape will not only make you look better in your photos but will also help you explore more.

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