Here's what PM Narendra Modi's passport looks like

Here's what PM Narendra Modi's passport looks like, September 22, 2016
Ones we decide we have to do something, we can go miles ahead. ― Narendra Modi

It’s only been 3 years since our Prime Minister Narendra Modi came to power, and he is close to finishing his world tour. Granted those were all diplomatic, work tours, but it doesn’t change the fact that, his is the passport that gets stamped the most. PM Modi has Type 'D' passport - D stands for 'Diplomatic'. It is issued to high Indian diplomats and top-ranking government officials.

Here’s a list of 15 places visited by Modi, that has helped him rake up his frequent flyer miles.

1. Australia


Who wouldn’t want to visit this beautiful country down south? The charm of Australia would make anyone want to get an Australia tour package and set off. Why should our Prime Minister be any different?

2. Belgium


Belgium waffles and the land of the best dark chocolate. Also, did you know that French fries were actually invented in Belgium and not France?

3. Fiji


An island country located in the South Pacific ocean, Modi went there for a state visit. But you can go there to witness the spectacular play of nature and the occasional burst of the volcano.

4. Brazil


No, Modi did not go there for the Rio Olympics, but to attend the all-important BRICS summit. But you don’t need an important summit as an excuse. Beaches, culture, all-night partying, and the Rio carnival should be reason enough.

5. Mexico


We hope our PM got some time to snack on some tasty nachos, quesadillas, and tortillas while on his visit as well as a chance to visit the cities of Cancun and Cabo San Lucas, two very iconic places.

6. Seychelles


This island off the coast of Africa is every traveler’s dream destination. Not yet fully commercialized and still retaining most of its natural charm, Seychelles is a dream. What’s more, it’s one of the 21 countries with visas on arrival for Indians.

7. Malaysia


This is a country that barely needs any introduction. Malaysia tour packages are a hot favorite amongst Indian travelers and rightfully so. After all, a variety of experiences can be sought in just one place.

8. Mauritius


Sunny skies, sandy beaches, and the cool breeze from the ocean, that is the picture our mind conjures up when we say Mauritius. Naturally, coral reefs are another important attraction of this pristine and peaceful island.

9. USA


As of March 2017, PM Modi has made 4 visits to the USA. His first meet was in 2014 when he went to attend the general debate of the UN General Assembly. In 2016, he attended the famous Nuclear Security Summit in Washington.

10. Turkey


History, time, culture, and millions of years of stories - all weave together to form the tapestry that is Turkey. Cappadocia, Istanbul, Antalya are all beautiful in their own way. Our PM might have gone there for the G20 summit, but you can definitely go for the charm of Turkey.

11. Ireland


The rugged Irish landscape is stuff that poems are written about. The haunting beauty doesn’t leave your mind for the years to come. The bustling capital Dublin is just as captivating as the quaint countryside.

12. Paris


In 2015, Mr. PM traveled to Paris twice. His first was a state visit to Toulouse, while the second was for the 2015 UN Climate Change Conference.

13. China


In 2016, PM Modi attended the G-20 Summit in Hangzhou. This was his third G-20 Summit, the previous two being in Australia and Turkey.

14. Switzerland


On 6th June 2016, he went to Bollywood's favorite destination, Switzerland. It was a state visit to Geneva and he raised the issue of black money.

15. Thailand