Reasons for Dubai visa rejection

Reasons for Dubai visa rejection

February 27, 2015
it is advised that you take utmost care and choose the right agent for visa application.
Rejected Visa

Planning an international trip to Dubai can be very exhausting; selecting places of interest, compiling a list of things to do, shopping trip essentials and to top it all, getting a Dubai visa with OK to Board. Wait, you have not heard of OK to Board? Don’t worry, we have got all your travel essentials sorted.

Our travel experts will give you the most suitable package inclusive of a Dubai visa and OK to Board. However, there could be a few instances when your Dubai visa could get rejected. Even though you may have submitted the right documents, there could be a situation where your Dubai visa doesn't get issued. Here are some of the reasons for the rejection of the Dubai visa.

  1. If you are a female below the age of 24 and travelling alone, then there could be a possible delay or rejection under the suspicion of human trafficking.

  2. Your UAE visa (or Dubai visa) application may get rejected if your passport holds an unskilled profession like a farmer, labourer or something similar.

  3. Visas of applicants with a previous criminal record for fraud or misconduct in UAE or India may get rejected.

  4. If you had previously applied for a UAE tourist visa and not utilised it, then you will have to get it cancelled from the travel agency or sponsor in order to apply for a new UAE visa.

  5. If you had applied for an employment visa through a company in UAE, but not utilised it, then the Public Relation Officer (PRO) of the said company needs to cancel the visa, in order to apply for a new tourist UAE visa.

  6. If you held a UAE residence visa earlier and left the country without cancelling it, then the Public Relations Officer will have to get it cancelled and then apply for a new tourist visa.

  7. If your visa application had any typo errors in name, passport number, profession code and other particulars like date of birth, passport issuance and expiry, then the application may get delayed or rejected.

  8. If the scanned copies of your passport are blurred, then UAE immigration may reject or delay the process.

These may be some of the reasons for UAE visa rejection but do bear in mind that the UAE immigration authorities do not give you any reason for declining your visa. Hence, it is advised that you take utmost care and choose the right agent for your visa application. Sometimes, technical errors can happen from your agent’s side as well and that can cause a delay in the process.

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