Tips to save on your honeymoon budget

Tips to save on your honeymoon budget

Shalmali Pethe, October 16, 2014
Tips to save on your honeymoon budget

Despite being ‘The Vacation’ of your life, many travelers look for tips to cut down the cost of their honeymoon holiday package. With more and more Indians opting for ‘theme weddings’, they are clubbing the destination for their wedding and honeymoon to save on travel. But hey, no need to have similar backdrops for your wedding and honeymoon as you can save on your honeymoon with simple tricks.

Below are few pointers to keep in mind before planning your honeymoon and you will end up saving a lot for ‘SHOPPING’! ;)

1. Plan in advance

Always plan your honeymoon about 6 months to 8 months in advance. Indians do have the tendency to book everything at the last minute and that’s the reason honeymoon packages sometimes become almost as expensive as weddings. By planning in advance, you will not only get excellent deals on airlines but also on hotels and activities. You can also bargain few freebies or complementary services in honeymoon packages. So, plan before the wedding-planning madness takes over.

2. Choose your honeymoon destination wisely

Once you know the preferred honeymoon theme (hill-station, beach, wildlife, adventure, etc) plan the destination accordingly. All you have to do is pick the right time of the year to visit that specific destination. For the same, you might have to postpone your honeymoon for few months as well. For instance, Europe is cheaper between November to March, and Thailand experiences a low tourist season from June to September. This way you get the best of hotel deals and flight rates. Though few attractions at the destination will be closed during the off-season, the major attractions are always open.

3. Go for all-inclusive honeymoon packages or cruises

Always look out for packages that are a combination of services like flights, hotels, sightseeing, transfers, travel insurance, and meals. This way you will have only one touchpoint for all your honeymoon travel-related queries and can have better deals and cost. You can also consider cruise honeymoon packages which are a great option to see multiple destinations without the hassle of packing and unpacking.

4. Use the best payment option

With more and more competition in the travel space, many travel companies offer great benefits and advantages for online payments. Online travel companies often tie up with national and international banks to provide discounts and benefits to their users. Do check for such discounts on credit/debit cards before making the final payments to save more. However, ensure that the online travel portal is reliable and trusted before making the payments online.

5. Act like locals

As the saying goes ‘When in Rome, act like Romans’; always go local while traveling. Ask the locals for places to eat, drink, or for nightlife. You can take this to the extreme - and save extreme amounts of cash - by avoiding tourist destinations altogether. For instance, if you want a romantic French honeymoon, avoid tourist-ridden Paris and visit Amiens, home to artisan bakers and a gorgeous cathedral that's bigger than Notre Dame.

By following these six tips, you can come home with plenty of memories - instead of plenty of debt. Remember, plan ahead, spend wisely, and then have a great time on this once-in-a-lifetime vacation.

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