Top 5 places for an all-boys vacation

Top 5 places for an all-boys vacation

Sanjana Sule, August 16, 2016
After all, why should girls have all the fun?

‘All-girl holidays’, are all the rage these days. Everywhere you look, you’ll find information telling you where you should go for the perfect girl gang getaway. But what about all the gangs of guys out there? A gang of guys also deserves a break, far away from the hustle and bustle. A place to let loose, bond, relax and have some fun, away from the prying eyes of their moms and girlfriends.

So call up your bros, pack your bags and set off to these destinations that are tailor made for guy squads!

1. Rio De Janerio - Brazil

For the Rio carnival

Rio De Janerio

Brazilians sure know how to throw a party. If Rio De Janerio is your chosen destination, then you’re in for a cultural treat. The streets, the cafes, the beaches, all have a very energetic vibe to them. Especially during the Rio Carnival. A fun fiesta that you definitely need to visit with your gang of guys.

2. Bali

For relaxing on the beach


Life can often get hectic, leaving you craving for some downtime with your friends. If sitting down with your group of friends, putting your feet up, and relaxing is what you’re after, then the island of Bali located in Indonesia is perfect for it.

3. Amsterdam

For you know what


If there was ever a place perfect for an all-boys vacation, it was Amsterdam. From the very famous nightclubs to the special brownies that can be got across the counters at local cafes, Amsterdam is a den of decadence. Along with all the partying hotspots, there are also a lot of art galleries to keep your days busy.

4. Bangkok, Thailand

For the night clubs


If a wild night about town - the Hangover style, is what you guys are after, then Bangkok is the right spot. Bangkok is known for its thriving nightlife. Clubs to rooftop bars, there’s a lot of options to choose from. A lot of prior planning isn’t needed, and it can be a spur-of-the-moment decision; all thanks to the Thailand visa, which can be obtained on arrival.

5. Sri Lanka

For surfing, nature, and seafood

Sri Lanka