Top 7 Hollywood shooting locations you must explore

Top 7 Hollywood shooting locations you must explore

April 28, 2015
Some beautiful paths can't be discovered without getting lost.

When we watch our favourite Hollywood movies, we get completely immersed in the story and actually feel that we are present there. But no worries, you can now visit this imaginative world of yours and turn your dream into reality. Travelling to popular Hollywood shooting locations is trendy and liberating, so what are you waiting for?

We bring you some of the best Hollywood shooting locations, which you must visit to satisfy your desires while holidaying!

1. Letters to Juliet

Letters to Juliet

Piazza del Campo (Siena, Italy)

The scene where the characters Sophie (Amanda Seyfried) and Charlie (Christopher Egan) enjoy strolling and sightseeing in Siena is the Piazza del Campo. Here you could enjoy an interesting chat with your partner while you explore the architectural marvels of this medieval square. The famous Shakespeare play ‘Romeo and Juliet’ was set in Italy.

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2. Batman Begins

Batman Begins

Mentmore Towers (Buckinghamshire - England)

The fictional mansion of the Batman character Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) is the Mentmore Towers in England. Here you could end up winning over your fears and emerge as a superhero. Witness this magnificent mansion and capture its marvellous architecture through your lens.

3. Lara Croft: Tomb Raider

Lara Croft_ Tomb Raider

Siem Reap (Cambodia)

The scene where Lara Croft (Angelina Jolie) retrieves the mystic half of Triangle of Light was shot at the Cambodian temple complex which is located at Siem Reap. For antique lovers and treasure hunters, this place could turn out to be a paradise. Here you could witness the glorious Angkor, an archaeological site popular for the Temple of Angkor Wat and be amazed by the age-old architecture.

4. Twilight


Silver Falls State Park (Oregon - United States)

The scene with characters Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) and Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) in the treetops was picturised in the Silver Falls State Park. For the lovers of vampire stories, this would be the ultimate place for celebration! A walk in these woods at the twilight hours and you could get a glimpse of some unusual beings. If you do so, check out if you are able to capture them through your lens!

5. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

The Hobbit _ An Unexpected Journey

Matamata (New Zealand)

Matamata, a town in New Zealand, is the famous location where the shooting for the movie ‘The Hobbit’ took place. Here you could experience the mind-blowing Hobbit homes and connect deeply with the story and its characters. Be aware, once you are here, you may not feel like returning home!

6. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Divinity School, Oxford (England)

Do you remember the scene where Professor McGonagall (Maggie Smith) teaches the character Ron Weasley (Rupert Grint) to waltz - preparing him for the Yule Ball? Yes, this scene was shot at the Divinity School in England. For the Harry Potter fans, a visit to this place could introduce you to the world of magic. Coming back home, you could surprise your people with some magical tricks!

7. Casino Royale

Casino Royale

Venice Italy

The popular James Bond movie ‘Casino Royale’ was shot in the beautiful location of Venice. James Bond (Daniel Craig) and Vesper Lynd (Eva Green) are seen sailing their yacht to Venice after Bond admits his love to Vesper and posts his resignation. What best to say even the 007 agents James Bond chose to relax and appreciate the romantic beauty of this piece of heaven. At this wondrous place, you could indulge in the gondola ride to explore the captivating places and enticing architecture with your loved ones.

Done with your reading? So, overcome the hurdles that come in between your dream destinations and plan your next expedition to these wonderful Hollywood locations!