How to apply for Canada visa

    Most of the international destinations across the globe require Indian citizens to procure a visa, before granting them entry. The same holds true for Canada as well. Hence, let’s take a close look at the prerequisites and the procedure to apply and obtain the much coveted Canada Visa.


    In order to apply for the Canada visa, an Indian passport holder usually needs to furnish the below-mentioned documents -

    • Completed and Signed the Visa Application Forms.
    • Scanned copies of the information pages of the passport.
    • Two passport-sized photographs with the applicant’s name and date of birth written on the back.
    • Proof of financial support to bear the expenses while in Canada.
    • Signed VAC Consent Form: Two copies per applicant.
    • VAC Service Charge per applicant.


    The application process for Canada Visa is completed in two phases -

    Phase 1 - Submit Your Application

    1. After understanding the type of visa that you require by reading through the information provided on the website of IRCC, especially the “All About Your Visa” section, you must download the relevant application form for the purpose of your visit.
    2. .Once downloaded, you must electronically fill in the form completely and then print the same. The form needs to be printed on a white, non-glossy paper through a laser printer. The paper must be of bond quality.
    3. .In case, you are unable to attach all the requisite documents, you must fill and sign the waiver form. This form should be attached with the application form. If not, this may result in either additional delay or refusal of the application for the visa.
    4. You’re required to read the privacy policy and fill out the consent form. You must then attach it with the application form. This is a very crucial step. In case you do not attach the form, your application will be returned.
    5. You will be now be required to pay the visa fee as mentioned on the website of the Canadian Visa Office.
    6. Please note that you can submit the application form via Canada Visa Application Centre or the CVAC, by person, or through the mail. Once you submit the application with the required set of documents, you will get a receipt which will have a unique tracking number and it will help you to track the status of your application online.

    Phase 2 - Submit Your Passport

    When you receive a notification from government of Canada asking for your passport, you’ll be required to submit it along with the request letter at any of the Canada Visa Application Centres. You can either submit the same in person or through an authorised representative or a travel agent. You can also send the same via mail. You will be required to provide your contact information as well as the VAC consent form at the time of the submission of your passport. You can get the passport delivered via courier facility to your home or office address as specified by you.

    Given that the process is a little lengthy, it is recommended for the travellers to seek the expert assistance from one of the trusted and experienced representatives from and make this experience completely hassle-free.

    Note - We do not provide Business or Work visa.

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