How To Apply for Sri Lanka Visa

    As it happens with almost all international destinations, Indian citizens are required to procure a visa in order to enter the majestic land of Sri Lanka. While the process of obtaining the Visa is fairly simple, it is always advisable for tourists to stay updated with the intricacies of the same. So, let us know in detail the prerequisites as well as the procedure to obtain the Sri Lanka Visa.

    List of Documents

    In order to apply for the visa, an applicant must be prepared with the following documents -

    • The Indian passport which holds valid for at least 6 months from the date of arrival in Sri Lanka.
    • Two recent passport-sized coloured photographs (2 x 2 inches in size).
    • Confirmed airline ticket for departure from Sri Lanka.
    • Proof of adequate funds for living as well as leisure related expenses while in Sri Lanka.


    Once the documents are ready, all that the applicant needs to fill in the Visa Application Form online. Next, the applicant needs to pay a non-refundable Tourist ETA Visa fee. After that being done, the ETA is generally processed within a span of 48 hours.

    Alternatively, Indian citizens can also opt for getting the visa on arrival. In this case, he/she will be required to furnish the above-mentioned documents. Here, in addition to the supporting documents, the applicant will also need to submit a duly filled and signed Visa Application Form.

    In both the cases, the visa holds a validity for a period of 30 days from the date of issue.

    Points to Remember

    If needed, the Sri Lanka Visa can be extended beyond the stipulated period of 30 days.

    Note - We do not provide Business or Work visa.

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