How to apply for China visa


    While applying for a Visa to the Republic of China, he/she needs to stay prepared with the following documents-

    • A duly filled in visa application form
    • One passport-sized photograph clicked recently
    • A passport that holds a validity of atleast six months from the intended date of travel. In addition, the passport must also contain atleast 2 blank pages for the visa to be stamped.

    In addition, Tourists visiting the country for sight-seeing and applying for an ‘L Visa’ are required to furnish -

    • Original copies of financial statements, with a cover letter from the company that the applicant works in or his/her bank.
    • Original as well as scanned copies of return flight tickets.
    • Copies of the confirmation of hotel reservation.

    In case the applicant is wished to be granted an ‘L Visa’ to visit his/her relatives or family, the additional documents that need to be submitted are -

    • Proof of genuine relationship with the person residing and inviting the applicant to China.
    • Original as well as scanned copies of return flight tickets.


    In order to apply for China Visa, the applicant must -

    1. Fill in the visa application form with the utmost care and complete it with a passport sized photograph as well as his/her signature.
    2. Submit the form online.
    3. Make the requisite online payment.
    4. Submit the stipulated documents.
    5. Wait for 4 to 8 days to know the visa status.

    Points to remember

    • In order to visit China, an Indian is required to obtain a visa.
    • Given that China does not offer visa-on-arrival to Indian citizens, hence the visa must be obtained beforehand.
    • Once the visa is approved, no changes in the same are possible.
    • In case for the need of an extension of the visa, while the applicant is in China itself, he/she is required to apply for the same to the Public Security Bureau of China.
    • Even if a tourist is holding a valid visa, his/her permission to enter China is at the discretion of Chinese Border Control Authority, as per the Chinese Laws and Regulations.
    • A visa for China does not allow entry to Hong Kong and/or Macau. A distinct visa is required in order to visit these regions.
    • Normally, the visa is processed with 4 working days. In case, it is needed on an urgent basis, the applicant needs to pay an extra fee for the same.
    • The Visa Fee can be paid through a demand draft, payable to ‘The Consulate General of China, Mumbai’
    • Incomplete or inaccurately filled application forms stand a chance to get rejected. Hence, it is highly recommended that the applicants fill in the form meticulously or simply seek the assistance of a reliable travel agency like Musafir.

    Note - We do not provide Business or Work visa.

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