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  • Honeymoon Planner

    Marriage is the celebration of a couple’s love, honeymoon an expression of it. Weddings let you commemorate your love in front of the society, in front of your family, but honeymoon lets you celebrate that love with that one person you’ve made a commitment to for the rest of your life. This honeymoon calendar offers you various destinations. All you have to do is pick the month and then check out the destination.


    New Zealand

    Reykjavik- This beautiful capital of Iceland is lover’s paradise with its pristine beauty and the breathtaking Northern lights.

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    New Zealand - The land where Lord of the Rings is shot is perfect this time of the year. With blooming flowers and landscape spreading till eternity, you’re sure to fall in love all over again.

    9 Nights/10 Days @ Rs 2,47,000

    Switzerland - Snow-capped mountain, a warm fire, wrapped up in a cosy blanket with a cup of hot chocolate, what more is needed?

    5 Nights/6 Days @ Rs 1,23,400



    Miami- Soft sandy beaches and a rocking night life, if party is your style, Miami is your place, with the pleasant February weather making it an ideal time for your honeymoon.

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    Italy - Float through the romantic gondolas with local Italian love songs as your background music.

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    Sri Lanka- For a quite honeymoon with the beach near by and the option of snorkelling, Sri Lanka is your destination.

    5 Nights/6 Days @ Rs 38,700



    Dubai- Pristine desert landscape stretching timelessly until eternity, march is the perfect time for a Dubai honeymoon as the heat hasn’t yet set in and the nights are cold and pleasant.

    4 Nights/5 Days @ Rs 42,900

    Kerala- This beautiful state also known as God’s own country is surrounded by luscious greenery making an ideal destination for honeymooners.

    5 Nights/6 Days @ Rs 15,200

    Brazil- March is the time when sea turtles lay eggs, making it the perfect time for a holiday in Brazil.

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    Japan- With the cherry blossom trees in full bloom, the beauty of Japan is exquisite at this time of the year making Japan a honeymooners’ haven.

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    Jordan- This ancient city with picturesque scenario also boasts of the dead sea where you can relax and float around with your loved one.

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    Andaman and Nicobar Islands- The coral islands of Andaman and Nicobar located in the Bay of Bengal is an idyllic location for couples on honeymoon, especially in April.

    3 Nights/4 Days @ Rs 10,000



    Morocco- Warm days with green landscapes, exotic eastern markets and food that will caress your taste buds, such is the experience of Morocco.

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    Prague, Czech Republic- If you’re a couple who loves music and music festivals and you happen to be going for a honeymoon in May, then you and Prague are a match made in heaven. Prague celebrates the Spring Music Festival in May and also the Czech Beer festival.

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    Seychelles- May is the perfect time for a holiday on the serene islands of Seychelles .

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    Russia- The time of summer, Russia is full of festivals and all-night parties this time of the year, making it an ideal holiday destination for you and your partner.

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    Peru- If hiking is the kind of activity you’re looking for, then the trek up to Machu Picchu at this time of the year is perfect.

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    Mauritius- Though an all year-round destination, June is the best time to visit Mauritius. Oh also, it’s the best time for surfing.

    6 Nights/7 Days @ Rs 65,900



    Amsterdam- If partying like there’s no tomorrow is the kind of honeymoon you’re looking for then Amsterdam is your place.

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    Kashmir- This valley is at it’s beauteous best in July and nothing gets as romantic as a cosy house boat under the twinkling night sky.

    5 Nights/6 Days @ Rs 18,300

    Kenya- Arid land with beautiful landscape, mesmerising wild life and breathtaking reserves such as the Masai Mara, Amboseli and Lewa such is the allure of Kenya.

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    Ibiza- The ultimate party destination with a thriving night life, Ibiza will offer you fun and entertainment, keeping your days and nights equally occupied.

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    Dublin, Ireland- August is the month of festivals in the beautiful city of Dublin. A thriving cultural atmosphere, Dublin is the place to be.

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    Sweden- Special festivals, open air museums and the bright shining sun make Sweden an ideal honeymoon destination in August.

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    Paris, France

    Germany- Last week of September sees Germany gear up for the famous Oktoberfest. If there was ever a time to visit Germany, it would be then.

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    Paris- A city synonymous with love, a perfect getaway for any couple in love, Paris is perfect this time of the year.

    4 Nights/5 Days @ Rs 44,600

    Tuscany- Under the Tuscan sun with green landscapes stretching all over, such is the beauty of Tuscany.

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    Spain- Autumn makes any place beautiful with its orange leaves skirting the pavements and such is also the case with Spain. The beauty of this country is exemplified during Autumn.

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    Madagascar- A wildlife heaven with chirping birds, if you and your loved one happen to be nature lovers, then Madagascar is where you should head for your honeymoon.

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    Shimla- There’s something innately romantic about snowfall and even more so for snowfall in India, which is exactly what Shimla offers.

    5 Nights/6 Days @ Rs 32,000



    New York- If you want to experience a truly white winter, visit New York in November. This metropolitan shines under the gleam of the pearl white snow.

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    Thailand- The romantic festival of Loi Krathong, which involves dazzling lanterns adorning the night sky replacing the twinkling stars; takes places during the month of November.

    4 Nights/5 Days @ Rs 35,100

    Costa Rica- If rainfall sums up your ideal Honeymoon destination, then Costa Rica is the place for you.

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    Cape Town- This port city located in the south-west coast of South Africa is breathtakingly beautiful in December, making it an ideal place for a Honeymoon.

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    Rajasthan- This beautiful city located amidst the sandy desert has an old world, royal charm to it and the cool weather of December makes it the perfect time to visit Rajasthan.

    6 Nights/7 Days @ Rs 25,500

    Goa- Sandy beaches, cool gushing water and a night life that never sleeps, such is the allure of Goa.

    3 Nights/4 Days @ Rs 7,200

    Author : Sanjana Sule