Mysteries of the Dead Sea

Leeba Thomas, April 27, 2015
The Dead Sea’s therapeutic features can heal you while you float, roll in the mud or just chill and read a book
Mysteries of the Dead Sea

As humans, we have a tendency to break out from the obvious, the monotonous and it is so believed that if there is anything constant, it has to be ‘change’.Seas have always been an inspiration and have been seen as the epitome of motion, tranquillity and calm. But doesn’t ‘Dead Sea’ seem to speak otherwise? Isn’t there a sense of curiosity trickling down your forehead? Well, what if I told you it isn’t as dead as it sounds? Nor is it any same as a normal sea! Then what is it about the Dead Sea that makes it different? Read on to find out.

Mysteries of the Dead Sea

The scientific peculiarities of the Dead Sea and its healing features have been the highlight. This sea is well-known for its ‘hypersalinity, which means that it is super saline. This makes it so dense that it will not allow you to sink, but will hold you on its surface making you float. All you non-swimmers, no more whining about your failed attempts at swimming because no one will know. Keeping everything aside, isn’t it overwhelming to resist the natural forces when actually making zero efforts to do so? That’s about floating, but there is more.

Have you heard of having fun and getting cured at the same time? The Dead Sea’s therapeutic features can heal you while you float, roll in the mud or just chill and read a book. Sounds fun enough? It does soothe diabetes, rheumatism, psoriasis and others. Throwing some more light on its remarkable features, Dead Sea spas and anti-allergic effects are an add-on perk. Given the unique climatic conditions, 330 days are sunny with very little rainfall. There are hot springs to give you natural comfort and will for sure soothe your nerves.

In recent times, there have been reports about the rapidly disappearing Dead Sea. It is evaporating because the Jordan river is almost dead and doesn’t have any tributaries flowing into the Dead Sea. But the little that is left of the sea is worth indulging in. It, for sure, does not have the properties to sustain the water creatures, but it does have certain freshwater craters that enable the growth of red algae, which in turn makes the Dead Sea look reddish. Isn’t that interesting?

Does this sound like a place only for people with diseases? Well, it is not really. It has suffered typecasting on a large scale. The therapeutic features are an added perk. There is so much more to it. The picturesque waterscape will create an atmosphere for you and will prove a perfect date destination. Nothing can prove a better unique place for proposal if being mainstream doesn’t define you. You can build memories galore, but the best part is, when you reminisce those, your mind will be flooded with the aesthetic awesomeness of the sea.

Famously called ‘Nature’s Miracle’, the Dead Sea manages to amaze the modern tourists who seek a peaceful getaway. It has also been nominated as one of the World Wonders. So what are you waiting for? Get, set and go. Live your fantasies in the Dead Sea. When you’ve made your mind, visit us. We will make sure you have an awesome time with everything is taken care of.