The winning World Cup deal

January 31, 2015

It’s that time of year when we glue ourselves to the television set and shout out loud for India to win. Firecrackers, processions and parties follow every victory. Such is the craze and madness of cricket amongst Indians. But, imagine yourself soaked in the spirits of cricket, cheering “India! India! India!” with a pack of equally mad cricket fans.

Is it possible? Well, yes. Thanks to the hosting nations’ visa agreements, Indians only need to apply for an Australian tourist visa during the ICC World Cup 2015 to get New Zealand visa on arrival. Just make sure that your travel period is between January 26, 2015 and April 5, 2015.

This once-in-a-lifetime deal is facilitated by Trans-Tasman visa arrangement between Australia and New Zealand wherein you’ll get ‘One Visa for Two Countries’, for a limited period. A New Zealand visa valid for 3 months will be issued on arrival, provided you meet all the immigration requirements of New Zealand. Now, isn’t that cool? Globalisation is surely opening new doors with such cracking deals and visa on arrival facilities for Indians to 52 countries.

Check out how to make this possible!

✔ Plan your travel to the twin cities between January 26, 2015 to April 5, 2015.

✔ Make sure that your Australian visa is valid under the Trans-Tasman agreement.

✔ Make sure that you meet all the immigration requirements.

Why should you make use of this opportunity?

1. Otherwise, you’ll have to apply for two different visas. (Cricket does bring in a lot of good things!)

2. Travellers only need a reason to travel and this opportunity is just a catalyst to your vagrant desire.

3. A cricket stadium soaring with thousand fans, kangaroos playing on a secluded beach and the wonderland from Lord of the Rings’ Hobbiton , what else can a perfect vacation have?

Catch that match

If you are a cricket fan, you would have marked all the important dates, planned your day with the guys and maybe even decided upon the reason that you should need to tell your boss and skip work. Here is our pick of matches that should not be missed on your trip.

Date Match Location
Feb 15 - Sunday India v/s Pakistan Adelaide Oval, Australia
Feb 22 - Sunday India v/s South Africa Melbourne Cricket Ground, Australia
Feb 28 - Saturday New Zealand v/s Australia Eden Park, New Zealand
March 06 - Friday India v/s West Indies WACA Ground, Australia
March 07 - Saturday Pakistan v/s South Africa Eden Park, New Zealand
March 08 - Sunday Australia v/s Sri Lanka Sydney Cricket Ground, Australia
March 24 - Tuesday 1st Semi Final Eden Park, New Zealand
March 26 - Thursday 2nd Semi Final Sydney Cricket Ground, Australia
March 29 - Sunday BIG Final Melbourne Cricket Ground, Australia


1. The agreement is not valid vice-a-versa. Therefore, having a New Zealand visa won’t guarantee a free entry to Australia for Indian passport holders. If you wish to visit only New Zealand, then you need to apply for a New Zealand visa separately.

2. Already have an Australian visa? Superb! Just ensure you are eligible to get New Zealand visa on arrival. Bear in mind that your visa should be acceptable in the Trans-Tasman agreement and your travel dates should be between January 26, 2015 to April 5, 2015. Your Australian visa must be valid at the time of checking in to your New Zealand flight.

3. No stamps required! Since all your information is electronically stored with the Australian immigration, you don’t need a stamp or label separately which states that you are eligible to fly to either of these countries.

Author: Winnie Karnik