Veggie Delights in Singapore

August 27, 2015

Veggie delights in Singapore

Singapore is famous for a lot of things, and food often tops that list. When you think of Singapore food, does your mind conjure up the image of delicious Nasi Lemak, the tasty Hainanese chicken rice? Do you feel dejected at the thought of Singapore because you happen to be a vegetarian? Well then, fear not, we have the answers for you. Though known for its scrumptious non-vegetarian food, that's is not all that Singapore has. It is also famous for its vegetarian food. So all the hardcore vegetarians out there, worry no more, get your Singapore visa and head on over to the lion city, as we bring to you the list of places where you can get amazing veggie delights.

1. Original Sin Restaurant, Holland Village

Offering a wide range of salads, pizzas and pastas; this place offers excellent Mediterranean style cuisine with excellent wine. Do try the Mezze Platter if you are a big fan of Baba Ganoush, Hummus, Falafel balls and Middle Eastern bread.

2. Real Food, Clarke Quay or The Central

Easy to order and tastes real good; the menu at Real Food labels each dish as – vegan, garlic or onion, containing soy, wheat, gluten-free. There are multiple items which vegetarians should try here but the one which tops our list are the Signature steamed dumplings – drizzled with tamari sesame oil, bursting with the goodness of bean curd, French beans, chestnuts, mushrooms and carrots.

Veggie delights in Singapore

3. The Green Room Café, Bishan Park

Ideal dinning place for vegetarians; it is located away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Do try the Myanmar-style salad, the avocado wrap, the vegan soy laksa or even the rending tahu. However, our pick is the peanut butter ice cream which is made of brown rice. Yum!

4. VeganBurg, The Grandstand

For the burger lovers, VeganBurg is a great place. Do try the char-grilled satay burger which is made of organic ciabatta bun and grilled soy patty. And for desert, nothing can beat the organic brown rice ice cream which is coated with rich dark chocolate and almonds.

5. Fill-a-Pita, Shenton Way

A 100% vegetarian place offering Middle-Eastern food in Singapore. Do try the Falafel Pita or the Fava Bean Pita. A must-try is the popular Koshari Rice.

Musafir Tip: Definition of ‘vegetarian’ in Singapore

The Chinese and Malay sometimes have a different understanding of the word ‘vegetarian’. You may find ‘vegetable soup’ with chunks of chicken, the logic being that if any dish has vegetables it is vegetarian! The solution is to be highly specific while ordering your food – don’t just say ‘vegetarian’; but stress that you eat ‘no meat’, ‘no seafood’ and ‘no egg’. And do make sure that you have been understood!

Now that you know where you can satisfy your taste buds with some tasty vegetarian dishes, all that is left to do is set off to Singapore, and you can do that with our Singapore tour package. Happy eating!