4 Places that offer Bizarre Food Experiences

4 Places that offer Bizarre Food Experiences

Vijaylaxmi Thakur, June 30, 2015
Food is an experience.

Do you remember watching the reality show Fear Factor? What was your reaction when the contestants ate insects? Well, there are places where people eat insects and this practice is known as entomophagy. You must be thinking why the hell on earth, they enjoy munching insects? Studies have shown that consuming insects is healthy, they are nutritious with a rich amount of proteins. Sounds interesting and challenging right? Take a look at the places around the world with this daring indulgence.

1. Japan


Japan is an old player, as bugs have been part of their cuisine since olden times. They have even come to their rescue during bad agricultural and economic times. When you are in Japan, we dare you to try zaza-mushi(aquatic insect larvae), hachi-no-ko (boiled wasp larvae), sangi (fried silk moth pupae) and inago (fried grasshopper). Someone once told me ‘Nothing is dirty, it is all in the mind’. This is so true with the Japanese; so give it a shot- It's one life!

2. Thailand


Do you think Thailand is popular only for its mesmerising mountains, beautiful culture and scintillating beaches? You have missed one thing and that is snacking on worms. Well, this place celebrates fried bugs with beer, hard to digest ha? Jing Leed, a deep-fried cricket with Golden Mountain sauce and pepper is a popular snack out here. The street delicacies include bamboo worms, grasshopper, water beetles etc; each possessing a distinct flavour. Excited? Allow us to book your Thailand Vacation for a thrilling experience.

3. Mexico


Don’t we all gorge on scrumptious French fries? Well, there is a little twist here, what if the menu read French-fried caterpillars? Shocking! The Mexicans feast on these crunchy caterpillars to their heart’s content. How can we forget the desserts? Candy-covered worms and chocolate-covered locusts satiate their sweet tooth. It’s not over yet, for the party lovers, you can try the beverage - Mezcal which is served with the Mezcal worm immersed in the glass.

4. China


Did you know the Chinese sip steaming bowls of ant soup to keep themselves warm? It is proven that fried silkworm moth larvae and roasted bee larvae are nutritious and rich in thiamine, copper, riboflavin, zinc and iron. Could this be the secret of the healthy Chinese? If you are interested in knowing more about this unique land, then allow us to arrange your China visa.