5 Reasons Why Visiting Bhutan is More Refreshing than a Cup of Coffee

5 Reasons Why Visiting Bhutan is More Refreshing than a Cup of Coffee

Winnie Karnik, May 30, 2015
The first country to adopt happiness as an official goal of public policy is the tiny little country of Bhutan in Asia near China and India.

Coffee (several times) a day keeps all the worries away! However, if you are in Bhutan, you will forget all your worries and feel at peace in this Himalayan kingdom. Mountains galore, abundant solitude, and happy faces are what you will first notice when you reach Bhutan, and this experience will stick with you throughout your stay in Bhutan.

Happiness may come in a cup of coffee, but you may just change your opinion once you visit Bhutan. Here are our top 5 reasons that make Bhutan more refreshing than your regular cuppa.

1. Getting to Bhutan is easier than making a coffee.

Getting in Bhutan is easier than making a coffee

This reason tops our chart because you don’t need a passport to visit Bhutan. A valid ID proof like Voter’s ID or Driver’s License is sufficient. I would simply put it this way, it is easier to reach Bhutan than get a rickshaw in India.

2. Gross National Happiness is more than just your regular brew, it’s the Bhutanese cult.

Gross National Happiness is more

While the rest of the world is busy grumbling over its Gross Development Product (GDP), Bhutan happily smiles over the world and measures its Gross National Happiness. Taking inspiration from the principles of Buddhism, the Bhutanese people draw a holistic approach towards life. So, a smile on your face is more valuable than a penny in your pocket!

3. Bhutanese lifestyle is more addictive than caffeine.

Bhutanese lifestyle is more addictive than caffeine

Bhutan seems to be a different planet altogether. A country that lives on its terms, not flustered over how the rest of the world works, and believe me, it works really well for them. It is incredible how Buddhism is a way of life, and not just a religion. Try meditating in one of the shrines, talk to a monk, play with kids or simply visit the monasteries. Bhutanese spirituality is magnetic, you will be drawn to it in seconds.

4. Bhutanese culture is finer than your favorite coffee bean.


Much like India, cultural glories are passed from grandparents to the kids. However, the world biggies have not crawled into the sanctity of the Bhutanese life. The festivals of Bhutan are a riot of colors. Masked performers, throbbing drumbeats, and stories seamlessly weaved through dances - that is Bhutan for you. Heard about the Driglam Namzha before? It’s a Bhutanese term for manners and etiquette that are meant to be followed.

5. And Bhutanese food smells better than espresso.

And Bhutanese food smells better than an espresso

Are you thinking that this should have been on top of the list? We have reserved the best for the last. Must-must-try is the ema datshi, a hot mix of spices combined with creamy, yummy cheese. Bhutanese love their spices and cheese. Their meat options include chicken, pork, and beef. Veggies can rejoice ferns, orchids, turnips, radishes, and many more with a combination of cheese and chilies. Don’t fret to ask the local chefs to tone down the spices. They’ll be more than happy to serve you your taste. After all, no one can beat their hospitality.

Bhutan, a place where snowcapped Himalayan peaks rise above the heavenly skies, birds sing in the glory of nature and people stay in the pure bliss of humanity. Bhutan’s charm is definitely more addictive than coffee. Well, of course, we don’t suggest that you’ll forget your coffee, but you will surely crave to visit this haven again. Experience life the Bhutanese way with our Bhutan packages.

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