9 Things you DON'T want to do while in Singapore!

9 Things you DON'T want to do while in Singapore!

August 24, 2015
"Singapore, the garden city as it is commonly known, has a reputation to uphold like no other."
9 Things you DON'T want to do while in Singapore!

The Gardens by the Bay, Universal Studios, Singapore Flyer, Jurong bird park, are enough reasons for you to make Singapore your next desired destination for travel. Also, when your air tickets are just a click away - we aren't kidding when we say, Singapore awaits you.

But before you board that super cozy flight and start wondering “to do or not to do?” you might want to read this article.

1. The Sticky Situation

Chewing gum may cost you your life, and we don’t say this keeping your health in mind. We’re talking law enforcement here, and you can get into a sticky situation because of all the gum chewing.

2. The Wallet Diet

You cannot jaywalk in Singapore. Do that, and your wallet will be 20 SGD lighter, do it again and you’ll be 100 SGD lighter! Need we say more?

3. No, if, No Butt

Do not smoke in public, not even in restaurants. The minute a careless cigarette butt touches the Singaporean streets, you’re fined. Also, smoking may prove to be a little too dangerous to the life span of your Singapore Visa and of course: your own.

4. Fine-A-Dine

Do not bring food into the Mass Rapid Transport (MRT). If you do, you might just be asked to cough it up, and cough up a hefty fine as well!

5. Jokes Apart!

While in Singapore, do not discuss religion and politics. If discussing it is considered taboo, joking about it may prove a little too serious for you. It may even prove to be your last laugh.

6. Pointer pressures

Pointing a finger at someone is considered extremely offensive by Singaporeans. Instead, be safe and put those fingers to good use! Your Singapore visa is just four simple steps!

7. Skip-a-tip

What may seem like a courtesy to the person who served you, may be taken as an insult by the same person. Tipping is an insult, and may serve you a sentence!

8. Heads up

Do not touch someone’s head. The head is considered sacred by Singaporeans.

9. Tic-Tac-Toe

Do not use your feet to point at something. Even showing the bottom of your feet is considered offensive.

Apart from the above, Singaporeans are super friendly and extremely kind at heart. Don’t let Singapore just be a dream, make it a reality by booking a Singapore package now!

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