Car Rentals In Singapore

Car Rentals In Singapore

Sanjana Sule, December 16, 2015

Travelling is fun, exploring a new place even more fun, but you know what’s the most fun? Road trips. If you want to make the most of your Singapore visa, then road-tripping across the island city is highly recommended. So here are some of the car rentals where you can hire a car to zip through Singapore.

Hertz Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

Address: 350 Orchard road

Telephone: 65 6735 7566


Budget Rent A Car Systems Inc

Address: 24, Raffles Pl, Clifford Centre, Singapore 048621

Telephone: +65 6532 4442


Smart Car Rentals

Address: 521 Bukit Batok Street 23, Singapore 659544

Telephone: +65 6485 7788


Europcar Singapore

Address: 354 Alexandra Rd, Singapore 159948

Telephone: +65 6734 3245


Avis Singapore

Address: They have kiosks at the Changi airport

Telephone: 1800 737 1668


Some important tips

  • You’ll need an international driver's license to drive legally in Singapore.
  • If you’re driving after 7 pm your headlights need to be on.
  • If you’re planning on staying for more than 12 months you’ll need to convert your license to a Singapore license.
  • Your license needs to be in the English language.
  • If it is in any other language, you’ll need to get an official English translation or an international driver’s permit.

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