5 International destinations with return air tickets lesser than 10k

5 International destinations with return air tickets lesser than 10k

Musafir.com, October 6, 2016
"Travel is an investment in yourself."

Now flying international won't cost a hole in your pocket. Some international destinations offer the cheapest flight tickets if you are smart enough while selecting your dates and time your journey wisely. You can get cheaper airfares if you apply for any of the ongoing flight offers. Here are a few destinations that offer the cheapest flight tickets in Asia.

1. Colombo, Sri Lanka

Return air tickets: Approx. Rs 9,000 from Chennai


Endless historic fables, mythology-induced culture, shimmering beaches, and rolling tea estates are what your Sri Lankan sojourn will look like. India’s connection with Sri Lanka goes a long way since every household weaved stories of Ramayana. Notwithstanding the mythological saga, Sri Lanka has a lot more to explore.

Holiday in Sri Lanka (flight-inclusive): 5 Nights/6 Days @ Rs 38,700

2. Bangkok, Thailand

Return air tickets: Approx. Rs 9000 from Kochi to Don Mueang International Airport, Bangkok (DMK)


From the heart of beaches, life spills out on the vibrant streets of Thailand. From a sudden galore of parties and shopping, you are smoothly ushered into a culture of radiant temples and intriguing monks. Thailand is a place where you can enjoy the temples and tropical beaches in the daylight, while you can party in the moonlight. Apart from partying, relaxing at the serene beaches, and indulging in luxuriant Thai massages, no Thailand holiday is complete without shopping. From small handicraft stalls to mega multi-storeyed shopping malls, you will find it all here!

Holiday in Thailand (flight-inclusive): 4 Nights/5 Days @ Rs 35,100

3. Kathmandu, Nepal

Return air tickets: Approx. Rs 10,000 from New Delhi

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Whistling woods, rolling plains, incorrigible Himalayan views, and green misty dews make Nepal uncannily romantic and endearing. Nepal is a small country that delves into one's heart for good. Nepal with its diverse geographical terrain is home to the most magnificent views of Mount Everest. Along with this phenomenal nature’s wonder, Nepal also offers a lot of adventure sports, making it a traveler’s paradise. Although the recent seismic attacks have bothered Nepal, it still retains most of its charm.

Customize your Kathmandu holiday

4. Bhutan

Return air tickets: Approx. Rs 9,000 to Bagdogra from New Delhi. From there, you'll have to take a road trip


Mountains galore, abundant solitude, and happy faces are what you will first notice when you reach Bhutan, and this experience will stick with you throughout your stay in Bhutan. While the rest of the world is busy grumbling over its Gross Development Product (GDP), Bhutan happily smiles over the world and measures its Gross National Happiness. Taking inspiration from the principles of Buddhism, the Bhutanese people draw a holistic approach towards life. So, a smile on your face is more valuable than a penny in your pocket!

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5. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Return air tickets: Approx. Rs 10,000 from Chennai

Kuala Lumpur

With beautiful beaches, soaring skyscrapers, vibrant culture, and historical heritage, Malaysia is an irresistible destination that has everyone swooned over by its charm. This Asian paradise is defined by cultural and spiritual diversity. This unique combination of beauty, romance, and spirituality is definitely worthwhile.

Holiday in Kuala Lumpur (flight-inclusive): 2 Nights/3 Days @ Rs 35,600

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*Prices are subject to change without any prior intimation and Musafir.com does not guarantee any stability. The fares are a mere estimate given as per the current trend. These fares are based on the dates you travel and how much in advance you book them. Fares change daily or sometimes even hourly, so we advise you to contact our travel experts for getting the best flight deals. These prices will also change as per your originating hub.

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