Top 5 Malls in Singapore where you can splurge

Top 5 Malls in Singapore where you can splurge

Sanjana Sule, December 14, 2015
Singapore is often called as the Shopper’s paradise.

What makes this title so apt for Singapore is the number of malls you find here. Singapore is blessed with an abundance of malls which will leave you spoilt for choice. Each mall trying to outdo the other with the wares they sell, it’s the customers who end up benefiting. So all that stands between you and the sprawling malls is a Singapore visa. Once you get that, you’ll be on your way to plunder their wealth. Here are the top 5 malls you just cannot miss.

1. Ion Orchard

Ion Orchard singapore

Located on Orchard road, this one entices all the luxury shoppers with its dazzling display. A glass complex, you can find all high-end luxury items here. Luxury couture, high fashion brands all find a home at Ion Orchard. Accessories, shoes, clothes, bags, and even food, this mall truly has it all. But if you’re on a budgeted vacation you might want to wait till sale season to hit this mall.

2. Vivo city

Vivo city

The biggest shopping mall in Singapore, it is situated on Harbour Front. Being the biggest mall has its advantages since it can hold anything and everything in it. And Vivo city does just that. From toy stores, Singapore’s largest cinema, wade pool, amphitheaters, and four food courts, Vivo city has it all and then some more. So how can you not visit this mall when in Singapore?

3. Suntec City Mall

 Suntec City Mall

Suntec City Mall is the sprawling shopping centre located in the marina centre. At one time, it used to be Singapore’s largest shopping mall until Vivo city came along. This mall is divided into four zones, the galleria which showcases high-end international labels, the tropics which focuses on lifestyle merchandise and services, the entertainment centre which as the name suggests is for entertainment and houses the 5 - theatre cineplex and last but not the least the fountain terrace which specializes in food and beverages.

4. Paragon


Are you someone who can’t resist the call of brands? Are you someone who shops only for branded clothes and products, then Paragon is the answer to your prayers? Gucci, Alfred Dunhill, Escada are the names of just some of the brands you’ll find at Paragon. This upscale shopping center is located at, (none other than) Orchard road.

5. Mustafa Centre

Mustafa Centre

Founded by an Indian businessman in 1971, this shopping mall is located close to Little India. So if you do visit Mustafa, which you must, you’ll be tackling two birds with one stone, the mall as well as Little India. Mustafa is famous for its electronic items and household appliances. So if a new phone, DVD player, camera, camcorder, etc is what you’re looking for, then Mustafa is where you’ll find it. Good quality and affordable pricing are their mantras.

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