Travel made easy with Visa on Arrival

Travel made easy with Visa on Arrival

August 6, 2014

Planning for an international holiday instead of a domestic vacation during the coming long weekend? But worried about the hurdle of getting the visa on time? Worry not! With these countries offering visas on arrival for Indians, traveling is going to be the easiest thing ever.

Indian travelers are popular worldwide for making ‘last-minute holiday plans. Thus, planning a holiday to countries in Europe, the US, and the Middle East is kind of difficult at the last moment. With improving global ties, getting a Dubai visa, Malaysia visa, and visa for a few more countries is easier, but still, time-consuming. In such situations, the best way is to opt for countries that offer Visa on Arrival for Indians. This way, you not only save time on a visa but also can save big on last-minute airfares and hotel deals.

Below are the 52 countries which offer Visa on Arrival for Indians:

When viewed region-wise:

  1. Asia: Countries like Nepal, Bhutan, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, Macau, Indonesia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Maldives, Jordan, and Timor Leste offer Visa on Arrival to Indian travelers.

  2. Africa: In the African continent, Indians can avail themselves of Visa on Arrival facility at Mauritius, Seychelles, Egypt, Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Madagascar, Mozambique, Djibouti, Sao Tome & Principe, Uganda, Guinea-Bissau, Gambia, Cape Verde, Burundi, Comoros, and Togo.

  3. South America: Not many Indian travelers are visiting this side of the world but with an increasing need for newer and exotic destinations, Indians are slowly turning towards South America. However, only Bolivia and Guyana offer Visa on Arrival for Indian passport holders.

  4. North America: The biggest trouble for Indians is getting US and Canada visas. However, do you know that if you submit proper documents on time, you can get the visa without any difficulties? Anyways, since here we are talking about countries offering Visa on Arrival for Indians, there are only five countries in North America that provide such easy access. These five countries are El Salvador, St Lucia, Jamaica, Saint Kitts, and Nevis. I bet you didn’t know about this!

Apart from the above-mentioned countries, an Indian passport holder can also get Visa on Arrival facility in Fiji, Samoa, Albania, Nauru, Azerbaijan, Tuvalu, Cameroon, Eritrea, Congo DR, Mongolia, Gabon, Georgia, Iran, Ghana, Israel, Lebanon, Mali, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Suriname.

If we go with the popularity of destinations that Indian travelers are opting for, then below are the top three popular Visa on Arrival destinations

1. Thailand


The most visited and popular destination among Indians for planned and unplanned holidays in Thailand. With easy visa regulations, Indians prefer Thailand for its beaches, shopping, cuisine, culture and even history. Our Thailand tour packages offer you all that and much more. So what are you waiting for? Stop dreaming and start travelling.

Thailand visa requirements:

Indians can obtain a tourist Visa on Arrival at a fee of 1,000 baht for a maximum of 14 days. To obtain this Visa on Arrival, Indian travellers should also hold valid onwards or return flight tickets along with proof of funds of at least 10,000 baht per person (20,000 baht per family). Travellers also have to provide two recent passport size photos along with the address of the accommodation during their holiday.

2. Bhutan


Our next-door neighbour and the most beautiful Himalayan country – Bhutan is increasingly becoming popular among Indian travellers. Popular for its mountains, monasteries, dzongs and culture; Bhutan provides easy access to Indian passport holders. With its option of Visa on Arrival for Indians, this beautiful destination should be at the top of your travel itinerary.

Bhutan visa requirements:

Indians can obtain an entry permit with a validity of two weeks by just providing a valid passport or voter’s identity card. The permit allows an Indian traveller to visit Thimphu and Paro only. For travelling beyond, Indians need to acquire a ‘special area permit’ from the RGoB Immigration Office at Thimphu.


Indian currency notes of the denominations of Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 are not allowed in Bhutan. However, Indian currency notes of Rs 100 and below are accepted.

3. Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Though Indians visit Nepal more than Hong Kong, the popularity of the latter is more among Indians traveling overseas. Hong Kong is popular for its ultra-modern architecture, Disney World, and its proximity to the little Las Vegas of Asia – Macau.

Hong Kong visa regulations

Indian travelers can receive a 14-day entry stamp for free at Hong Kong airport.

Did you know:

  • Indian citizens do not require a visa to travel and work in Bhutan and Nepal.

  • The country of residence determines the visa requirements for Indian passport holders. For example, Indian citizens residing in Japan with valid Alien Registration Cards can travel to South Korea for tourism and short business trips without any visa requirements. Similarly, Indian citizens residing in the US and holding a permanent resident permit can travel to Mexico, Canada and other territories in the Caribbean without any visa.

  • British citizens enjoy the broadest range of visa-free travel worldwide. They are permitted to visit 173 countries globally with just a valid passport.

NOTE: Always read the Visa on Arrival and visa-free requirements and policies by visiting the official immigration website of the respective country before planning a trip. The Visa on Arrival and visa-free requirements differ from country to country.

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