UNESCO Heritage Wonders of Europe

UNESCO Heritage Wonders of Europe

Winnie Karnik, March 30, 2015
Also known as ‘sacred rock’, Acropolis has stood the test of time embossing itself on the pages of history

Swagger around Europe and explore its iconic monuments from the rubble and ruins of Athens, royal stances of London to the archaeological ruins of Greece. Plan a Europe trip and get amazed by the magnificence of these UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Palace of Westminster, UK

Palace of Westminster, UK

The Palace of Westminster is a time-hallowed piece of Gothic art that retraces fathoms of history. The palace has retained most of its original form, albeit ignitions of two fires. The Palace of Westminster is so roomy that it is almost four times larger than a cricket pitch! Well, if you get lost, then just look at the colour of the carpet. The House of Commons has a green carpet, while the House of Lords has a red one.

Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy

Leaning tower of Pisa, Italy

Spanning construction over 199 years, the Leaning Tower of Pisa is famed for its unintended tilt formed due to its faulty foundation. Did you know that this monumental bell tower was never meant to lean, and Galileo conducted some ground-breaking experiments at its top? Posing as if you were pushing, kicking, punching or doing something completely insane is rated #1 on our must-do activities when here.

Colosseum, Italy

Colosseum, Italy

From chronicles of gladiators to the suffering of slaves, experience history like never before. Originally called the Flavian Amphitheatre, it staged major battles between man and the beast. Boasting the status of the largest built amphitheatre in Roman Empire, Colosseum has served as a model for modern stadiums and amphitheatres. The only distinguishing factor between the two stadiums is that the players involved in modern times survive the games. However, the fighters of the ancient world either performed or perished. This UNESCO World Heritage Site had the capacity to house over 70,000 spectators who managed to enter the monument through more than 80 gateways.

Stonehenge, UK


Shrouded in mystery for years, Stonehenge has bewildered archaeologists, scientists, astrologists and historians equally. No one knows as to how and why a ring of massive stones was constructed ages ago. Several schools of thought have spawned stories around its existence. Recently, archaeologists discovered a detailed map underneath the massive stones using hi-tech scanning methods. The research also states that Stonehenge was surrounded by burial mounds, shrines and massive pits. UNESCO gave it the status of World Heritage Site in 1986.

Tower of London, UK

Tower of London

Juxtaposed besides the River Thames, the Tower of London is cloaked under fascinating historic tales, some true, some maybe not! Many superstitions rule the tower. Have you heard about the significance of ravens? They say that if the ravens fly away, the tower may fall down. From haunted tales to executed prisoners, but above all safe sojourn of the veritable Crown Jewels, the Tower of London is a mind-tickling castle. Take a tour of the fortress along with the long-standing Yoemen Warders or ‘Beefeaters’ that guard the pride and splendour of the towers for centuries.

Acropolis, Greece


‘Acro’ means edge and ‘polis’ means city. From its nomenclature, it is clear that the monument was built on a hilltop for strategic defensive purposes. Also called as ‘sacred rock’, Acropolis has stood the test of time embossing itself on the pages of history. Parthenon was erected on the Acropolis to honour the Greek goddess, Athena. The Parthenon, Erechtheum and Temple of Athena Nike form the core structures of the Acropolis. Apart from these, the Theatre of Dionysus and the Theatre of Herodes Atticus remain more or less well preserved.

Delphi, Greece


Impregnated with history, Delphi is an allegory of ancient Greece in terms of politics, religion, faith and belief. Acquaint yourself with Greek mythology as you pass through the fabulous monuments housed on the site. You will hear words, you’ve never heard of, listen to stories that are hard to believe, and above all, witness the longest standing architecture in history. A flashback of the pan-Hellenic games, the oracle of Apollo and the theatrical performances of ancient Greeks will follow this historic trail.