Why 12 months do not make an entire year in Singapore!

Why 12 months do not make an entire year in Singapore!

August 31, 2015
Keep calm and go to Singapore!

With so many cultures and religions, there are an astounding number of colorful celebrations in Singapore round the year that render even 12 months insufficient at times! Although some have fixed dates, Hindus, Muslims, and Chinese follow a lunar calendar that varies annually. To accommodate all the festivals in their true fashion, 12 months are not enough to delve into all of them. We try to summarize these festivals in a few words. Read on to know more. With so many festivals you might just want to get an all-year-round Singapore visa.

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New Year:

The entire Singapore is in celebration mode for the first week with attractions offering exciting deals and discounts!



Usually held in February, this dramatic Hindu festival sees devotees pierced with kavadis (heavy metal frames decorated with peacock feathers, fruits, and flowers) walk from Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple to Chettiar Hindu Temple.


Chinese New Year, Chingay:

Singapore’s biggest street parade, a flamboyant, multicultural event, falls on the 22nd day after the Chinese New Year.


Mosaic Music Festival:

A 10-day feast of music in March showcasing world music, jazz, and indie acts, and numerous free events.


World Gourmet Summit:

A lip-smacking gathering of top chefs for 10-days of masterclasses, workshops, and lavish dinners. This usually takes place in late April or early May.

Wesak (Vesak) Day:

Buddha’s birth, enlightenment, and death are celebrated with various events and processions. It also includes the release of caged birds to symbolize the setting free of captive souls.


Great Singapore Sale:

Eight-credit-crunching weeks of sales starting in late May. For the best bargains, dive in during the first two weeks.


Singapore Art Festival:

Held in May or June, the National Arts Council’s premier arts festival delivers world-class music, dance, drama, and art.



Singapore Food Festival:

This month-long celebration of food includes events, cooking classes, and food-themed tours. Yummy!



Singapore National Day:

Held on August 9th, Singapore National Day includes military parades and fireworks.



Singapore Grand Prix:

It’s Singapore’s turn to host the Formula, 1 crowd, with a night race on a scenic city-center circuit. Do book well in advance for hotel rooms with a view.




If you miss this light festival in India, you won’t regret celebrating it in Singapore. The best place to visit is the Little India area.