Change of Appearance

    A standout amongst the most crucial records that each individual should have is the passport. This is an official report gave by the Government of India guaranteeing the person's citizenship and character while enabling them to traverse the world under the assurance of the nation. Passports contain data of the holder, for example, their name, age, address, photo, signature and other data that fills in as a proof their personality.

    NOTE - We are currently providing passport assistance/service for Mumbai-based issuance only.

    Any native Indian can apply for the change of appearance in passport by visiting the nearest Passport Seva Kendras. Once the vital structures have been submitted alongside records, people will be brought in for a meeting wherein all points of interest will be confirmed. Once the important procedures are finished, people will get their passport through post. It will be delivered to the permanent address of applicant.

    Some of the time, there are occurrences wherein subtle elements should be changed in the passport in the wake of securing it.

    Why and When It Is Required

    The 'Change of Appearance' in passport can be applied if any of these circumstances are true for you:

    • Turning from Infant to Child
    • Becoming adult from Child
    • Non-Turban to Turban
    • Non-Beard to Beard
    • Beard to Non-Beard
    • Turban to Non-Turban

    Complete Procedure

    • Get Form Number 2 from the Passport Seva Kendra Office or download in online Fill it completely.
    • In case, you the filling the form online, you should select pick 'Reissue of Passport' in the 'Administration sought' area.
    • After this, choose the option 'Change in Existing Personal' and select the most relevant choice.
    • After that, people should give vital reports along the finished frame.
    • Get your appointment scheduled at Passport office and submit the form and fee, along with presenting the required documents.
    • Another archive that people should present an expert letter that has been marked by a candidate in view of Annexure.
    • Once vital confirmation is done, you will receive a new passport with the desired changes made in it.

    Documents Required

    • Complete and Notarized Application Form
    • Permanent Address Proof
    • Character Certificate.
    • Original passport with a photocopy of the initial two and last two pages that have been self bore witness to
    • Photograph as verification of progress that is required