Check passport application status

    After having applied for the passport the next question that arises in your mind is regarding the status of the passport or the curiosity arises as what has happened to the passport. So the progress of passport application needs to be tracked. Tracking of the passport will enable you to figure out if your application has been processed or not. Once the application enters the process it witnesses the various status. Tracking enables to keep a track of this status, it can be either done online or via mobile message service.

    NOTE - We are currently providing passport assistance/service for Mumbai-based issuance only.

    How to Check the Status?

    • To check the passport status you need to visit the PSP portal or the passport website.
    • The home page has the option ‘Track your Application status.
    • Just a click on this link will take you to the page where some information regarding the three options of passport status will be asked and then after selecting your file number will be enquired.
    • After this date of birth is asked. If all the information has been given accurately, Status Tracker page will come where you can find the details regarding the current status of your passport.
    • This will give you the information regarding the stage the procedure in which your passport application is in.

    Various types of status

    The various statuses are an indication of the progress of application through various stages:

    • Application Status
    • Application under review
    • Police verification status
    • Police verification report submitted or not.
    • Passport granted, printed, dispatched or returned undelivered.

    How to do it?

    If the website is not giving the relevant information then tracking can be accomplished by the help of National Call Centre, help desk at the Passport Seva Kendra, mPassport Seva app, or through mobile message service this is a premium facility that provides information of the passport status.