Passport Fees

    A passport is an official document issued by the government of the holder’s country stating the identity and citizenship of the holder. To travel to a foreign country passport is the most essential and acceptable document of identification. To get a passport certain fees is required to be submitted to the Passport Seva Kendra.

    NOTE - We are currently providing passport assistance/service for Mumbai-based issuance only.

    A number of passport fees depend on the type of passport or the situation in which the new passport will be issued. Application of the passport can be applied online from the website of government.

    This site has a few details regarding the calculation of fees. According to the fee calculator, ascertain your fees and make the payment of the same amount online. The PSK’s grant an appointment only if the passport fees have been cleared and a receipt stating the payment of the fees is also issued.

    Types of Fees

    • Renewal of passport or fresh passport of regular size with 36 pages with 10 years of validity Rs.1500.
    • A jumbo size passport with 60 pages, fresh or renewal for 10 years will cost Rs.2000.
    • Renewal or fresh application of passport with 10 years validity will be charged Rs 2000 above the normal charges the amount will be depending on the size and pages of passport.
    • Passport of minors will be charged Rs.1000, with a validity of 5 years.
    • Replacement in case of loss of passport due to theft, or any other reason a sum of Rs 1500 for 36 pages regular size and Rs. 200o for 60 pages, both will have a validity of 10 years.
    • Renewal of passport of minor for will be Rs. 1000, but will have validity till the minor turns 18 or 5 years whichever is earlier.

    Things to remember

    Fees can be restructured after nationwide changes at the Passport Seva Project considers.