A passport contains various subtle elements of the individual, for example, your name, age, conjugal status, address and more. Even if you already have a passport, it is not necessarily permanent. In different circumstances, certain points of interest should be changed, for example, the surname of the lady after marriage, evacuation of a name post-separation etc

    NOTE - We are currently providing passport assistance/service for Mumbai-based issuance only.

    Why and When It Is Required?

    • In case, you want to change your surname after marriage, or willing to change your name for some other valid reason, you will need to apply for Re-issuing of Passport.

    Complete Procedure

    • Search for the Form No. II for Miscellaneous Services. Go can either find it online or can request it from any nearby Passport Seva Kendra.
    • Once you have filled that form, submit it online or at PSK alongside the accompanying reports –
      1. .Show your old passport. If your husband has any passport issued, it will also be needed.
      2. .Marriage certificate or its equivalent proof of marriage e.g. pictures from marriage day or wedding card.
    • Pay the required amount of fee.
    • Individuals can gather the new (edited) Passport on the decided date.

    Documents Required

    • Divorce declare confirmed by the court.
    • Sworn Affidavit or Deed Poll as indicated by Annexure E.
    • The accompanying reports must be available on the off chance that you need the name of your life partner on your passport when he/she is a remote national
    • Marriage Certificate, issued by the Mission abroad or Indian Post.
    • In case, your Marriage certificate is issued by any non-Indian Government, Certificate of marriage issued and attested by one of these:
      1. .Indian Mission/Post, from the authority of place where the certificate was issued.
      2. .Embassy or High Commission or Consulate of that specific nation in India.
    • Certificate of marriage is issued by the Indian experts like Registrar of Marriage or Marriage Officer.