Police Verification of Indian passport

    As we apply for a passport be it Tatkal or regular police verification is a necessity. It is a necessary process that needs to be accomplished for security reasons in order to achieve the issuance of a passport. However, in certain cases police verification has been exempted. It has been so done in a case of government/PSU/ statutory body employee who have applied for the passport with a document called identity certificate through Annexure “b”.

    NOTE - We are currently providing passport assistance/service for Mumbai-based issuance only.

    What is the procedure?

    • Police verification can be done both before and after the issuance of a passport.
    • They are known as pre police verification or post police verification or no police verification, as the case may be.
    • The most common practice is pre police verification it happens after the applicant has submitted the application and documents related to the issuance of passport, but the passport is yet to be issued.
    • The passport office communicates to the related police officer regarding the address and identity of the applicant and thereby the police verification commences.
    • The police officer locates the address and ensures that the details so furnished are all correct and accurate, and informs the police station.
    • The police pass the same information to the passport office and thus the passport is issued.
    • Post police verification is applicable in case of government and PSU employees who present a “no objection certificate ” through the Annexure M.
    • This category of applicants are first issued with the passport and then a police verification is conducted.

    What are the Documents Required?

    The documents required are:

    • Birth Proof
    • Residence and Nationality proof

    In case of post verification an additional “no objection certificate” is to be presented.

    Additional Information

    As with the progress of online verification has been started by some stations the process can be done quickly. These days the process requires only 10 days.