Passport for Government Employees

    A passport is an identity proof and allows a holder to move to and from a foreign country. The procedure to obtain a passport for government employees is somewhat different earlier. The government employees used to enjoy some privileges, yet the overall process was troublesome.

    NOTE - We are currently providing passport assistance/service for Mumbai-based issuance only.

    How is the procedure different from the process followed by other citizens?

    The process of passport is same as that of the non-government person or regular applicant with the exception that the government employee must submit a Prior Intimation Letter to the administration. The government employees can get their passports without going through the police verification process if they provide original identity certificate as per the Annexure- B along with the passport application form. A government employee submitting a No objection certificate will get his passport after post police verification while other citizens require Pre Police Verification for the issuance of the passport in general.


    • All applicants are advised to submit all genuine documents and correct information for issuance of the passport.
    • All citizens should follow the rules of traveling made by Passport Seva Kendra.

    Documents required

    The mandatory documents for adults, minors and senior citizens are different, and the applicants need to show the original papers along with submission of the self-attested copies of the documents at the Passport Seva Kendra.

    The government officials claiming for a fresh passport with pre-police verification under ECR category require the following documents:

    • Proof of present address
    • Proof of date of birth
    • Prior Intimation certificate

    The adult of Non-ECR category (Government employee) applying for a fresh passport with post police verification requires:

    • Proof of present address
    • Evidence of date of birth
    • No Objection Certificate (NOC) as per Annexure ‘G.’

    The adult of Non-ECR category applying for a fresh passport with no police verification should submit:

    • Proof of present address
    • Proof of date of birth
    • Proof of identity in original as per Annexure ‘A.’

    The government employees should submit the following certificates for passport according to requirements of Pre, Post or No Police verification.

    • Identity certificate from the administrative or controlling authority (No police verification)
    • No Objection Certificate from the administrative or controlling authority (Post police verification)
    • A copy of the prior intimation to the controlling or regulatory authority (Pre police verification)

    The introduction of the prior intimation letter will simplify the process of passport for government employees who find it difficult to obtain No objection or identity certificates. All the three documents are valid until six months from the date of issue.

    The next step is the payment process which is done online to schedule an appointment.

    Additional information

    • Police Verification: This process is done after documents submission. If the candidate submits the identity certificate as per the Annexure-B, the verification can be skipped. The post-police verification is processed if the government employee provides the NOC per Annexure-M.
    • For pensioners: On submission of pension payment order, the passport will be issued on post police verification.
    • General candidates submitting documents in the format of Annexure-E will be issued passport on post police verification basis.