Duplicate Passport

    A passport is an essential document as it contains all the needful and basic identification details of the person. It becomes increasingly important when one is travelling overseas. The government of India provides the duplicate issue of the passport in case the old passport is lost, damaged, stolen and etc.

    NOTE - We are currently providing passport assistance/service for Mumbai-based issuance only.

    How to apply

    The procedure to apply for the duplicate passport is similar to applying for the new passport, by registering online on the website of Passport Seva Kendra. One can apply Tatkal passport or normal depending upon the requirement. While applying online check the below-mentioned options and tick accordingly:

    • Lost Passport
    • Validity Expired
    • Damaged Passport
    • Change in existing Particulars
    • Pages Exhausted
    • Validity going to expire

    The rest of the application process is similar, one just need to tick one of the above-mentioned options while re-applying.

    Documents Required

    Apart from the regular documents which are required at the time of issuing the passport, there are few other documents which might be required while issuing a duplicate passport. They are as follows:

    • Annexure ‘L’: Affidavit stating the cause of the loss or damage of passport
    • Annexure ‘M’: No objection certificate is required in the prescribed format.
    • Address proof (Current) is required.
    • FIR copy of the complaint registered at the Police.
    • Proof of the date of birth
    • Photographs: passport sized
    • (optional) If available you can produce the photocopy of the first and last page of the old passport.

    Important Things

    There are few things which need to be taken care of, such as that the damaged passport can be of two types, one partially damaged and other fully damaged. In partially damaged passport, name, photo and passport number are clearly visible. In this case, person can apply for Tatkal Passport. In fully damaged passport case, one needs to follow the whole procedure and visit the Passport Seva Kendra.

    It is optional to produce the photocopy of the old passport if one still has, but it is necessary to mention the place of issue, passport number, date of expiry in the form.