How to Fill Passport Application Form

    Passport in our country is one very important identification proof for every citizen of India. It is very important that all the information given in the passport is correct. When we apply for a passport it should be filled properly and carefully.

    NOTE - We are currently providing passport assistance/service for Mumbai-based issuance only.

    Things to Remember

    A few points that should be kept in mind while filling a passport are.

    • Writing- All the details should be filled in capital letters with 1 letter in one box the writing should be clear and leave a space to separate two words
    • Name- your name should be written very clearly with one letter in one box as instructed i.e. given name or surname. Each word should be separated by leaving a box blank between those words.
    • Pen- Never use an ink pen. Instead, use a ball point pen which is blue or black.
    • Options- You may be given to choosing different options in the form like gender etc. Do not use any tick marks, symbols or NA.
    • Don't fold- The form should not be folded, dirty or smudged.

    How to Fill it?

    After knowing the do's and don'ts of a passport, let's see how to fill a passport form properly:

    There are 10 columns present in a form with sub columns. Let's discuss the guidelines of these columns.

    1. Required service column-
    2. In this column, you need to specify if you are applying for the first time or applying to renew a passport. In case of reissue, you need to specify the reason of re-issue which can be the following-

      • Expiry of the passport
      • Change, modify or update details in your he new passport
      • The pages of your passport have finished
      • You have lost/damaged your passport and want a duplicate one
    3. Details of the applicant column-
    4. In this column, the applicant needs to give their name, middle name, and surname as required. You also need to specify if there is a change of name because of marriage. Other details required are-

      • Birth date
      • Place of birth
      • Gender
      • Marital status
      • PAN card number
      • Voter ID number
      • Your occupation on employment
      • Your educational details

      All these details need to be accompanied by relevant by relevant ID proofs.

    5. Details of the applicants family Column-
    6. Full names of parents with surname have to be given. In the case of minors names of the parents or legal guardians have to be the specified. You need to give your spouse name if applicable.

    7. Details of the applicant's current residence column-
    8. Your current address with a residential proof has to be provided. If your current address and permanent address are different you need to specify that too.

    9. Emergency contacts column-
    10. You need to give the contact number name and address of the person you want to reach in case of any emergency.

    11. Current and old passport details column-
    12. In this column, you need to provide all your current passport details, passport number issue and expiry date place of issue and enter the details of the old passport. You also need to give the details of applications you have made before to apply for a passport.

    13. Miscellaneous details column-
    14. In this column, you need to specify if you have had any criminal record and the reasons for the same.

    15. Passport fees details column-
    16. Provide the amount of money paid in numbers for the passport fee. Also, provide the DD details number, and issue of the expiry date, bank, and branch number.

    17. List of documents attached -
    18. You should provide the details of the documents and ID  proofs you are submitting the form.

    19. Applicant self-declaration column-
    20. This is the last part of the application form where the applicant has to declare that he abides by the all the rules and regulations set by the Government and all the information given is true and accurate. You need to provide your signature in the given box at the end of the form. A left thumb impression is needed if you are illiterate. For minor cases, the parents can sign on behalf of the children.