Minor Passport

    Under the age of 18 are termed as minors and as per Indian Government guidelines, a minor need to have a separate minor passport, no longer he will be travelling overseas in the name of his father or guardian. He or she will be issued a 36 pages’ minor passport by the Government of India.

    NOTE - We are currently providing passport assistance/service for Mumbai-based issuance only.

    Who can apply

    Applicant whoever is under the age of 18 and whose parents are Indian citizens can apply for a minor passport. It is primarily their parents who apply for their children, but it is mandatory for the child or minor to be present at the Passport Seva Kendra at the time of verification process.

    • Minor who is between the age of 15-18 can apply for 10 years’ validity passport
    • Applicant, less than 15 years will be issued a passport validity of 5 years or till they turn 18 whichever happens first.

    Documents Required

    There are various documents required for the issuance of Minor Passport. They are as follows:

  • Date of Birth Proof of the minor.
  • Current address proof of the parents. In case of a single parent, address proof of the parent applying is required.
  • It is required to produce a photocopy of the passports of both or either of the parent.
  • Annexure I: It is a standard affidavit.
  • Annexure H: For a minor with single parent
  • Annexure G: For the minor where the consent of both the parents can’t be obtained.
  • Annexure H: It is required for minor with legal Guardian.
  • Important points to remember

    The process of applying the minor passport is similar to the normal adult passport, where in person is required to fill in the details online, obtain an appointment. The mandatory thing is that parents must carry their infant or minor whose passport needs to be made with them at Passport Seva Kendra. They are not required to stand in long lines, as they are always given the priority, but biometrics and photographs are required.

    There are various Annexure forms, for different categories of a minor and they all depend whether the child is looked by single parent or guardian or the parents are divorced and etc.