Passport for US Born Child to Indian Parents

    If your child is born in United States, you can apply for this type of Indian passport for him/her on his/her behalf. Through a simple procedure, you can apply for a separate passport for your kid. There is not anymore an arrangement for the kid's name to be incorporated into the parent's passport. Its validity is 5 years for the kids below 18 years.

    NOTE - We are currently providing passport assistance/service for Mumbai-based issuance only.

    Who Should or Can Apply?

    • Get the child’s birth registered at Indian Mission or Embassy in United States (US).
    • Choose the option ‘Passport for children up to 18 years of age’.
    • You can visit the destination or e-mail them to receive it.

    Required Documents

  • Properly filled and authorized application frame
  • Notarized Xerox of Certificate of Child’s Birth.
  • Proof from Birth Register of Indian Mission of US.
  • Adjustment of Status (or I-485) is a case when you will need EAD along with child’s I-485 receipt.
  • Evidence of home
  • Candidate's state ID
  • Evidence of Address in the parent's' name
  • Photocopies of first and last page of passport of parent(s).
  • Authorized photocopies of substantial visa of the two guardians
  • In the event that the guardians are separated, a photocopy of the separation endorsement and the custodianship by request of the court must be submitted
  • In the event that one of the guardians is expired, a photocopy of the demise declaration is required
  • Authenticated no complaint testament or sworn statement from the two guardians
  • Important Things To Remember

    • You have to present the 1st passport of the parent, from whom the name of child is inherited.
    • Give a legally approved photocopy of the support page, the initial five and last two pages of the passport.
    • Child’s name will be removed from Parent’s passport once a separate passport is issued.

    Additional Information

    The application method is straightforward. Check with the Indian Mission in the U.S. for exact data to limit the preparing time for the passport and also lessen any bother.