Reissue Passport

    The passport is reissued for a variety of reasons and Indian government allows a smooth process for renewal of passport as the passport is a very important identity document. You can check in your passport that it has a validity of a certain time, after which it will be termed as ineffective for the means of using it for travel or as an identification document.

    NOTE - We are currently providing passport assistance/service for Mumbai-based issuance only.

    Categories of Reissue of Passport

    There are several reasons one requires the passport to be reissued and they are as follows:

    • Passport is about to expire
    • Passport expired and time of expiry is less than 3 years
    • Passport got lost
    • Passport got Damaged
    • Change in the personal particulars such as Name, Age, Address and etc.
    • Partially Damaged Passport: it includes spilling of liquid which doesn’t allow clear reading of credentials
    • Passport expired and it is more than 3 years that it has expired (Requires different process than, passport expired and it is less than 3 years after expiry)

    Documents Required

    There are various documents required in case of reissue of the passport and passport reissue can also be due to various reasons. Documents required are listed below:

    • It is required to produce an alternative identification proof, which mentions your full name and other credentials
    • They require your Date of birth, so one needs to produce Age Proof through Birth certificate or any other document.
    • Current address proof is very much required.
    • It is required to produce old passport booklet at the time of passport re-issue
    • You are required to self-attest first and last page of old passport booklet and include it in the list of documents.
    • Photographs, generally two passport size photographs work, you can keep more for an emergency.
    • Take out a print out of Passport Appointment Letter and produce it at the time.

    Important points

    You can very easily fill the form of reissuing the passport online and mention the reason for re-issuing of passport and read the instructions carefully to obtain the necessary documents. The Passport Seva Kendra takes a call to decide whether to have a Pre-Police Verification or Post-Police Verification required in a particular re-issue of passport.