How to get a Dubai visa on arrival

    Yes, you read that right. You can now get Dubai visa on arrival. Dubai, a land that is torn between the urban state-of-the-art architecture and time-worn Arabian deserts, is one of the most toured destinations by Indians. UAE, in a quest to strengthen its ties with India, has drifted towards this move to augment the influx of Indian tourists.

    The bilateral relationship between these two countries has improved since the past two years. It all started two years back when Mr. Narendra Modi visited UAE after a long hiatus of 34 years. Companies like Abu Dhabi Investment Authority, Abu Dhabi National Energy Company, Emaar and Dubai Ports World invest and operate in India.

    How can you get a Dubai visa on arrival?

    • The most important thing for this is to have a valid US visa or a Green card.
    • Your passport should be valid for at least 6 months.

    Which type of Dubai visa will you get?

    • You will be issued a valid 14 days Dubai visa.
    • This visa can be renewed for 14 days further by paying a processing fee.

    Don’t worry if you don’t have a US Visa or a Green Card. Click on the infographic to know how you can get a Dubai visa in the fastest possible way!

    Dubai visa - process

    Here's a quick look at some interesting facts:

    1. The number of Indian tourists coming to the UAE last year reached about 1.6 million
    2. There were about 50,000 UAE tourists who visited India last year
    3. There are about 143 flights a day between the UAE and Indian cities
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