Checklist for Malaysia visa

    Visa application procedure is not complicated but still, the rejections are always there. What is the reason for these rejections? Minor loopholes during visa application process result in visa rejections. Therefore, when you are applying for Malaysia visa, you should adhere to the Malaysia visa requirements to avoid any mishap.

    The Malaysia application procedure follows this protocol:

    • Determining purpose of visit
    • Providing information in visa application form
    • Attaching valid documents for the specified type of visa
    • Submitting these along with visa application fee
    • Application processing and visa confirmation

    The first four steps in the Malaysia application procedure are utmost important. You must be cautious about Malaysia visa requirements for these steps.

    Determining Purpose of Visit

    The visa type depends on the purpose of your visit. If you are going for a short trip, you can opt for a visa without reference. You will get a social visit pass under visa without reference scheme.

    If you are going for a specified reason, you can apply for a visa with reference. This visa is required for a long-term stay. This is applicable for students, workers, dependents, and so on.

    Some countries are eligible for visa on arrival. India is among those countries. Visa on arrival is generally valid for a short duration.

    Information in Visa Application Form

    Visa application form requires you to write personal information. Make sure you provide accurate information that coincides with details in the documents. The passport-sized photograph must be pasted on the application form.

    Valid Documents for Visa Application

    A valid document is an unavoidable aspect of Malaysia visa requirements. The submission of documents varies with the type of visa. Some of the documents are common for all the three types of visa:

    • Valid passport – The passport should be valid for at least six months from the date of arrival in Malaysia. Moreover, there should be three blank pages for the purpose of stamping. Two copies of bio page should be submitted along with the completely filled application form.
    • Three passport-sized photographs – Recently clicked passport-sized photograph must be submitted. It should be sharp and clear, with the white colored background. The size of the photograph should be 3.5 cm × 5 cm.
    • Confirmed flight tickets details. In the case of visa on arrival, either a return ticket or onward ticket.
    • Foreign nationals residing in India should provide residence proof. Moreover, they should obtain NOC certificate from the embassy of their country.

    Steps to get your Malaysia visa

    For Malaysia Visa without Reference

    • Cover letter for business purposes.
    • If a minor is applying, parents should submit NOC and their passport copies.

    For Malaysia Visa with Reference

    • In the case of an Employment pass, Social Visit Pass for temporary employment, and Professional Visit Pass; cover letter from the organization in Malaysia and letter of appointment.
    • In the case of Social Visit Pass, a letter from the applicant and a letter from the sponsor are required.

    For Malaysia Visa on Arrival

    • A valid visa issued by the third country.
    • Return or onward air ticket.
    • Possession of at least $1000.
    • $100 visa fee.

    These are the Malaysia visa requirements that you must abide by to obtain your visa for Malaysia. For successful and hassle-free visa application process, keep yourself equipped with all the necessary documents.


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