Checklist for Schengen visa

    Before you can proceed to submit your application at the visa application center, you need to make sure that you fully adhere to Schengen visa requirements and you have thoroughly filed up the following documents. 

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    Documents required for schengen visa

    • Your passport must be issued within the last 10 years; it must contain at least two empty pages for traveling entries,
    • According to Schengen visa requirements, you need to fill in the Visa application carefully. It must depict the details which are already mentioned on your passport. Forms with incomplete information or overwritten information will not be accepted and your visa application will be rejected,
    • You will have to submit a clear copy of the front page and back page of your passport,
    • You will have to undergo health check-up under the guidance of the doctor appointed by the consulate. Read the health insurances acceptance column for more information,
    • The most important of all, the Schengen visa requirement application must be accompanies by a covering letter. In the covering letter, you have to clearly mention the purpose of your visit,
    • In case, if you are a minor, you will have to submit the written content of your parents along with the copies of their passport’s data page. Your parents will have to duly sign the consent. You will also have to submit a no-objection certificate from your school or college,
    • In case, if you are employed, you will have to submit the proof of your employment,
    • According to the Schengen visa requirements, you will have to book flight tickets and hotel stay. You will also have to present your well-planned itinerary to the concerned authorities. The proof of travel arrangements will make you eligible for fulfilling Schengen visa requirements,
    • You will have to submit the proof of available funds, in the sense that once you reach the country, you can easily take care of your daily needs and expenses. In case you have a sponsor (maybe a relative or a friend or anyone whom you’ve planned to visit), the sponsor will have to submit a formal obligation letter to the consulate. In case of self-sponsoring, you will have to put forward the details of bank account statement of at least 3 months,
    • The proof of your financial status depicts your financial back up against your daily needs and expenses. The proof is segregated in three ways-
      • Full-time employment, where you need to present your salary slips of past three months or your employment letter, and
      • Self-employment, where you need to present the certificate of registration of your company or corporation, or proof of business income,
      • You will also have to submit your civil status. This includes marriage certificate, children’s birth certificate, death certificate of spouse, ration card (if applicable), and
    • You will have to submit two passport size photographs along with the application for Schengen visa requirement. Make sure that the size of the passport size photograph is 45 mm by 35 mm. The photograph must contain your full face on a white background. Moreover, the photograph must not be older than six months.

    Once you have filed the aforementioned documents, submit them at the prescribed address and wait for the approval. Generally, the applications take 15 working days to process, so plan your tasks accordingly.

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